Penis Extension Surgery


Many men are ashamed of their penis size. It might even be a more common problem than you think. In a culture that values showers over growers, it’s easy for many men with micropenises, small penis syndrome, erectile dysfunction, curved penises, or penile injuries to feel inadequate in the bedroom. It may be a laughing [...]

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Penectomy Surgery, Risks, And Outlook


Penectomy Surgery, Risks, And Outlook Penectomy refers to surgical removal of penis. It is a serious procedure that is reserved only for advanced penile disease – in which anatomy and physiology of penis is damaged beyond repair. What should you know about Penis Cancer? The most common indication of penectomy is malignancy of penis – [...]

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Azoospermia and Cancer


Azoospermia and Cancer What is Azoospermia? Azoospermia is a male fertility problem. As the name suggest, males suffering from azoospermia secrete no sperms in their ejaculate. According to a recent research conducted by an American Fertility Center, it was reported that almost around four million couples in America experiences infertility. It has been reported that [...]

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Diseases of Women That Affects Men Too


Diseases of Women That Affects Men Too Gender or sex of an individual plays a major role in the pathogenesis of certain diseases and infections. However, it is very important to differentiate between the disorders that are predominant in certain genders versus disorders that are exclusive to a particular gender. This approach not only helps [...]

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Why Should You Practice Abstinence For Sexual Celibacy?


Why Should You Practice Abstinence For Sexual Celibacy? What is sexual celibacy? It is the practice of abstaining voluntarily from sex due to medical, psychological, legal, social or religious reasons. Sometimes people refrain from engaging in sexual intercourse to avoid sexually transmitted diseases or to avoid unplanned pregnancy. For different people there are different meanings [...]

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Watermelon for Prostate Health


Watermelon for Prostate Health Do you understand the basics of your prostate health? Are you taking care of your sexual and reproductive health? Prostate wellbeing is a very important part of male sexual health and taking good care of it, is essential for male reproductive health. Prostate gland is a small walnut-sized male reproductive organ [...]

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What are Crabs STD?


What are Crabs STD? Carbs, which are also known as public lice, are tiny insects that are parasitic in nature and feed off human blood.  They usually found on the genitals and public hairs however they can also live on the other parts of the body surfaces with hairs like lashes, eyebrows, beard etc. These [...]

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Why is it important to seek treatment for Chlamydia?


Why Is It Important To Seek Treatment For Chlamydia? What is Chlamydia? The Chlamydia is the most widespread and commonly reported sexually transmitted infection (STI) which is caused by bacteria - chlamydia trachomatis. According to latest statistics, every year about 1.2 million peoples are diagnosed with Chlamydia in America.  The most unfortunate part of this [...]

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Penile Implant Surgery – How Is It Performed?


Penile Implant Surgery – How Is It Performed? What is Penile Implant Surgery? Penile implant surgery or penile prosthesis is the surgical procedure that is advised to treat erectile dysfunction in males who are refractory to traditional treatment options. The procedure is expensive as compared to traditional therapies or drugs but yields satisfactory long-term results. [...]

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