Penis Extension Surgery

Many men are ashamed of their penis size. It might even be a more common problem than you think. In a culture that values showers over growers, it’s easy for many men with micropenises, small penis syndrome, erectile dysfunction, curved penises, or penile injuries to feel inadequate in the bedroom.

It may be a laughing matter to some, but those suffering from penises that fall under any of these categories are afraid to be intimate with other people. It hinders the potential for romance and affects self-confidence.

Because these conditions are so shameful, men with non-ideal penises feel embarrassed about seeking treatment. They’d prefer to keep their size a secret and suffer this insecurity throughout their entire life. Most men aren’t even aware that treatment is available: penis extension surgery.

You might not feel like you have someone you can talk to about your desire for male enhancement. Not even your doctor. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide about male enhancement surgery. We’ll cover what it is, who it’s for, how to receive treatment, and whether it’s right for you.

What is Penile Enlargement Surgery?

Enlargement pills have been on the market for decades, but these aren’t guaranteed to work. When these products don’t make miracles, men feel they have no options for treatment.

Penis enlargement surgery is the recommended way to increase penis growth. The idea of penis procedure might sound frightening at first, but penis enlargement is a common medical procedure performed by trained urologists. They are able to increase penis size without any visible scars or trace of surgery. Male enhancement allows the penis to function the way it’s supposed to at a larger length.

What Does Penis Extension Surgery Treat?

Penis enlargement surgery has the potential to increase both length and girth. However, this surgery is not just to increase the size. Enlargement surgery can shape your penis to appear exactly as you want it. It gives your penis a structure that will leave you feeling confident and ready for intimacy.

Male enhancement surgery can help men with the following conditions increase their libido and confidence:

  • Micropenis. Men with micropenises have penises that are smaller than 2.75” when erect. Men with micropenises are rare. Many men think they have a micropenis when they actually might suffer from another condition.
  • Buried Penis. These are penises that are covered by too much skin and therefore have a small appearance. They usually have a normal length of about 5”. They are often mistaken for micropenises because of excess fat or skin that surrounds the area.
  • Small Penis Syndrome. This is a psychological condition in which a man believes his penis is smaller than average. Many men fall into this category because they believe their penis should be larger than 5”.
  • Curved Penis. It’s perfectly normal for men to have penises with a natural curve. This can be embarrassing for some who favor a naturally straight appearance.
  • Erectile Dysfunction. This condition affects the ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Penis pumps are a common cure. Penis surgery can increase performance.
  • Injured Penis. Those that have suffered past injury or disease with their penises are candidates for surgery. Male enhancement will improve the overall look of their penis.
  • Aesthetics. It’s possible that a man suffers from none of these conditions and just wants to increase the size of his penis. This is perfectly normal and common. Male enhancement can increase size when both flaccid and erect.

No matter your reasoning for choosing extension surgery, the biggest benefit is permanent results. The penile enhancement procedure is not a gimmick or false solution. You’ll walk away with a penis you can finally be proud of.

How Do I Know What My Penis Will Look Like?

Before and after photos will give you a good indication of how much growth you can expect. Most patients experience a 1.5-2.5 size increase. However, this entirely depends on the individual. A doctor will examine your personal condition and assess how much growth you can gain by surgical procedures.

How Does Penile Enlargement Surgery Work?

Penis extension surgery works through a penile implant. Doctors create a small incision in the pubic area and insert the implant into the penis. This is the most non-invasive and least scarring method possible. With no scars on the penis itself, it guarantees nobody will ever know that you had surgery performed.

The surgery itself is brief. Unlike many surgeries, it only takes 45 minutes to an hour. You’ll be sedated under anesthesia while the implant is inserted. The implant is made of medical-grade silicone and is completely safe. The silicon along the shaft stretches the skin for a longer flaccid or erect penis.

Many men are worried that the surgery will affect their ability to hold their erection. The good news is that this surgery does not affect the penis’s suspensory ligament. This is what keeps an erection up, and the penis connected to the pubic bone.  The surgery works to enlarge the overall shape, but not disturb its functions.

What are Side Effects of Surgery?

After the procedure, you can return to your home or hotel on the same day. You should expect a follow-up appointment for the following three days afterward. Swelling and erection pain can be expected during the first two weeks, but these are both normal reactions. It’s also common to see light bruises visible on the skin.

You’ll notice an immediate result with your flaccid length. Lengthening the penis in its erect state takes approximately 6-8 months. If you don’t notice results right away, remember that it takes time for the penis to adjust to its new length.

Is Penis Extension Surgery Really Worth It?

Penile enlargement surgery has the capability to transform an insecure man into a confident person ready for intimacy. It increases sex drive and boosts confidence without affecting how the penis works. It’s the ideal option for those that have spent their entire lives feeling shame about their penis size.

Penis enlargement is not for everyone. You’re the only person that can determine whether this surgery is best for your condition. The best way to decide is to get a second opinion.

The Male Enhancement Center in Beverly Hills, CA is happy to offer free consultations about your specific condition. Schedule an appointment to learn more about their clinic and whether you’re an ideal candidate for male enhancement surgery.

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