Why Should You Practice Abstinence For Sexual Celibacy?

Why Should You Practice Abstinence For Sexual Celibacy?

What is sexual celibacy?

It is the practice of abstaining voluntarily from sex due to medical, psychological, legal, social or religious reasons.

Sometimes people refrain from engaging in sexual intercourse to avoid sexually transmitted diseases or to avoid unplanned pregnancy. For different people there are different meanings and concepts of sexual celibacy. Some people consider sexual celibacy as abstaining from all types of sexual contact while others consider it abstaining from oral or anal sex only. There are some people who doesn’t involve in any type of intimate acts like kissing or hugging as part of sexual celibacy.

What is the reason that some people practice sexual celibacy?

There are many sexually transmitted diseases that affect people with multiple sexual partners. Nowadays, people are become aware and conscious of their sexual and reproductive health. Many people avoid sexual contact with random people to prevent themselves from getting STD’s and therefore prefer to wait for the “right partner”. It has been observed that people who refrain from sexual intercourse at their young ages are less likely to develop sexually transmitted diseases in later ages. It is no surprise that’s sexually transmitted diseases are dangerous for reproductive and sexual health and leads to a variety of chronic infections; including but not limited to pelvic inflammatory disease, cancers, HIV and others. This awareness makes many people to stay away from sex at younger age. Many people also avoid having sexual intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Sexual celibacy is adopted by both virgin people as well as sexually active adult people who are now refraining from sex. Usually young people avoid sex to prevent themselves from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease. However, an adult person may decide to stay away from sex due to following reasons.

  • Due to religious practices.
  • A social or psychological issue.
  • Any disease or health related issue or in order to recover fully after a sickness.
  • If they are focusing on some other important aspects of their life.
  • Waiting for the right person.
  • Emotionally unstable due to the loss of a dear one.

How to practice sexual celibacy?

Many people make decision to stay away from sexual intercourse for whatsoever reasons but practicing it actually and adhering to this decision is not that easy. This is especially true if you were previously involved in a sexual relationship and people around you provokes you for sexual associations.

There are different ways to make yourself committed to practice sexual abstinence. Some are as follows.

  • Avoid all the triggers that entice you and increase your libido or enhances your sexual excitement to engage in sexual activities; such as watching porn, consumption of drugs and alcohol, being in the company of friends who are hyper-sexual
  • If you are avoiding sexual contact due to any illness or want to regain your health then you should discuss with your partner and solve the issue with mutual understandings.
  • Sometimes you are sexually stimulated and it becomes very difficult for you to stay away from sex. Try to divert your mind or indulge in other activities until that feeling pass.
  • Try to hang out with group of friends to avoid getting sexually aroused.
  • Sometimes people may encourage you to resume your sexual activities, but at the end of the day, it is your decision and you have to control your emotions.


At times sex abstinence and self-restraining leads to uncontrollable sexual desires and you may end-up indulging in unprotective sex in the heat of the moment. If you want to perform sex again then take some precautionary measures and be careful to guard yourself from unwanted pregnancies or/and sexually transmitted infections.




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