What are Crabs STD?

What are Crabs STD?

Carbs, which are also known as public lice, are tiny insects that are parasitic in nature and feed off human blood.  They usually found on the genitals and public hairs however they can also live on the other parts of the body surfaces with hairs like lashes, eyebrows, beard etc. These tiny insects proliferate and grow rapidly and causes itching and red spots on genitals. Crabs can easily transmit from one person to the other through sexual contact.


Crabs STD can easily transmit from an infected person to the other through sexual contact. The person who has crabs in his beard can transmit it by oral sex to his partner. In fact, it can also be transmitted by just hugging an infected person.

Sharing personal items like towel, bed etc. can also transmit the infection

This infection can also spread to areas where proper hygiene is not maintained. It can also spread to crowded and rush areas in people who do not take care of proper hygiene and don’t wash their genital on frequent basis.


The major symptoms of public lice and crabs are as follows:

  • Itching usually at night
  • Red spot and lesions on the genitals
  • Rashes
  • Irritation
  • Blue spots on skin
  • Eye inflammation if infestation involves lashes
  • Brown spots on the underwear
  • Blood due to scratching.

Sometimes people having crab STD don’t show any symptoms but they can transmit the infection.


Public lice are tiny insects that are grayish white color and can be seen with the naked eyes. The eggs are oval shaped and off-white in color are also visible if observed closely. The visual examination through naked eyes and preferably through microscope can detect the crabs STD. If examination show a moving louse then it is confirmed that a person has crab infestation.

Doctor may also recommend checking for other STDs as a precautionary step.

If you notice any itchy or reddish or bluish spots under your public hair or genital you should consult with a doctor.


There are different insecticide lotions and creams which are prescribed to treat and eradicate these lice from infected area. It is also recommended to treat the entire body as they can easily transmit from one part to another. Depending upon the result you can also repeat the entire course again.

Malathion is an insecticide lotion that is considered very effective in the management of public lice and is suitable for the people of all age groups. If you apply properly, the results are promising. After applying the medicine on the body for the recommended period of time, take shower and wash entire body. Then brush hairs to remove dead louse and their eggs.

Another formula Permethrin is also advised to treat crab STD but only to the people above 18 years of age. If you are pregnant then kindly discuss with your physician before applying any lotion or cream as some lotion formulas like lindane is very strong and toxic and can exert poor impact on the unborn child or fetus.

It is also necessary to check the sexual partner of the affected person. Wash all bed sheets and clothes with warm water to avoid the infestation in future.


If not treated in time, many complications can occur.

Continuous scratching leads the skin to flake off and cause further infection.

If infestation involves the eyes then eye infection and inflammation can occur and may cause diseases like blepharitis, conjunctivitis and corneal epithelial keratitis etc.


  • If you have an infestation or an active sexually transmitted infection, avoid indulging in any sexual activity unless treated.
  • Don’t share the personal items like towel, clothes etc. of each other
  • Avoid multiple sex partners.
  • Go for regular checkups to avoid all types of STI’s.
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