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Penis Enlargement Surgery

The most promising method to increase the penis size

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A trending topic in mens health is penis enlargement surgery. Though our female counterparts converse about plastic surgery like breast reconstruction, laser hair removal or vaginal rejuvenation a bit more freely, penis health is becoming a real thing and size definitely matters.

According to the AAAS, the average penis size is 5.61 inches (erect penis length). However, the question is really up to you (the patient). You may feel inadequate and this can be hindering your sex life. What are your options?

Large, Extra Large, and Extra Extra Large Penuma silicone penile implants

Penis Enlargement Implant Surgery

Though penile augmentation may seem like a daunting procedure but in reality, it involves a minimal incision with a high success rate and high levels of patient satisfaction and increased self-confidence and self-esteem. Male enhancement surgeries are increasing in popularity as medical technology advances and more people realize the options that are available to them. However, some people still feel that there is a stigma related to penis enlargement, so we’ve put together this article which covers all of the key information. Mens sexual health is very important and lengthening surgeries can increase self esteem and healthy living. We understand that the idea of having a surgical procedure carried out on your penile tissue may be worrying, so we answer all of your potential questions about what the surgery is, how it works, along with alternatives that you can also consider.

Penis Enlargement Implant Surgery

Penile Enlargement Animation

Penile Enlargement Process

Why Choose Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis enlargement surgery is suitable for a wide range of patients and conditions. If you suffer from a condition called micropenis (small penis syndrome), buried penis, curved penis, or have sustained a penile injury or trauma, then the procedure can help to increase penis size (length and width on the shaft of the penis). Some people opt for penile enlargement for personal or aesthetic reasons rather than medical, so it is also available as a cosmetic surgery.

The procedure is removable so should you decide to change your mind you’ll be able to do so. It has a high success rate so you can be confident in this type of male enhancement surgery and in the surgeon.

Penile enlargement surgeries can either increase the length of the penis, the girth, or both. The procedure we specialize in can increase both the flaccid length and girth at the same time though individual results may vary. This can create a proportionate result that is also more aesthetically pleasing than the alternatives. Over the past decade, our patients have typically seen an average increase of 1.5 to 2.5 inches in length and girth (again, individual results can vary).

If you would like to increase your penis size, then male enhancement surgery offers a solution that may be right for you. The procedure tends to immediately increase the length and girth of the penis in the flaccid state as well as the girth in the erect state. For the final erect length to be observed, this may take 6-8 months (and potentially longer) as it takes time for the skin to stretch sufficiently. This allows the penis to fully move out of the pubic area so that it can reach its full length. All potential risks, complications, benefits, and alternatives will be discussed with you in detail before your procedure.

What Does the Surgery Involve?

The procedure takes place in a certified outpatient surgery and takes between 45 minutes and one hour. You can return home or to your hotel the same day but you will need to attend the office for a follow-up appointment for three days after the procedure. This means you can take a minimal amount of time off work or away from other activities. It won’t disrupt your lifestyle in the way that other surgical procedures can so that you can get back to your normal routine almost immediately.

The procedure happens under general anesthesia so that you are not awake while it takes place. The discomfort patients feel can vary from person to person and ranges from mild to moderate. This is tightly controlled through the use of prescription pain medications to minimize any discomfort.

The actual procedure involves the insertion of a silicone implant that meets medical-grade specifications. A small incision is made in your pubic area (just above your pubic hair region), just above the base of your penis. The silicone device is then inserted along your shaft which gently stretches the skin. This doesn’t affect the suspensory ligament which supports the penis when erect and holds it close to the pubic bone. The result can be a penis looking and feeling significantly bigger.

During the first two weeks after the surgery, you may notice swelling but this is normal. There may also be some bruising and you may experience pain with erections. This can also be controlled by using medication to minimize pain and discomfort. The immediate results tend to be a larger flaccid penis in terms of both length and girth. Results also tend to include an increased erect girth and penis lengthening, but it may take 6-8 months (or longer) for the full erect length to be achieved as the body adjusts to the silicone implant. Sexual activity needs to be re-introduced after weeks of recovery.

Are there any Side Effects?

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential side effects. The penis enlargement surgery that we perform has a strong track record of minimal side effects. Regardless you must assess if it is worth the risk to you. We work to primarily either increase girth or penile length. We study all the possible complications carefully in order to minimize their risk of occurrence. On the rare occasions where they have happened, it has often been caused by patients who do not comply with medical instructions for after-care.

There are some mild side effects that are linked with the surgical procedure. The possible complications or side effects of this health care may include:

  • Bruising
  • Inflammation and Swelling
  • Mild to Moderate Erection Pain (usually for the first 2-3 weeks)
  • Temporary Penile Retraction (improves over recovery period)
  • Temporary Decrease of Sensation (improves over recovery period)
  • Infection
  • Possible Need for Removal and Later Reinsertion

A complete list of potential risks, complications, benefits, and alternatives, including no surgery, will be discussed between you and the medical staff in advance of the procedure.

Alternatives to Penile Enhancement Surgery

There are several alternative options to penis enlargement surgery that you may be considering. These include taking medication, injections, pills, creams stretching techniques, and vacuum pumps. In this section, we explain each of these alternatives so you have a clear idea of all the options available.

How We Can Help

Our specialist team of top plastic surgeons has extensive experience in this area. Our team is all certified by the American Urologic Association and has even been published in the journal of sexual medicine. They can answer any questions you may have about penis enlargement surgery or arrange an initial consultation. Get in touch here to request an appointment or get advice from a consultant.

Alternatives to Penis Enlargement Surgery

There are several alternative options to this type of surgery that you can consider. These include taking medication, injections, stretching techniques, and pump instruments. In this section, we explain each of these alternatives so you have a clear idea of all the options available.

Penis Enlargement Medications & Injections

There are several penis enlargement medications that are available for people who experience erectile dysfunction (ED). Some of the most well-known are Viagra and Cialis, but the precise brands can vary depending on your physician’s preference or location. Obviously a problem getting an erect penis is completely separate issue than needing a penis enhancement.

These medications are designed to produce a prolonged and firm erection and can be especially beneficial for older males. As we age, the function and mass of the penis naturally decrease, so these medications can help to reverse the loss of function. However, it may not provide the same benefit to men under the age of 50 years.

Injections can also be used to increase penis size. Bimix and Trimix are prescription injections that work in the same way as Viagra and other ED medications. Instead of being taken orally, these medications are injected into the penis shaft using a very small needle. They may stimulate blood flow.

Be wary of pills, tablets, or ‘natural supplements’ that are sold online. These are not regulated in the same way as medications and are often ineffective. Many market themselves using false or misleading claims that have not been proven in clinical research studies. In the worst cases, they contain substances that negatively impact your health so always ensure that you get medications from a licensed supplier.

Stretching Devices & Pumps

Another alternative to penis enlargement surgery is using a stretching device. They are designed in a way that either pushes or pulls the penis in order to temporarily affect its length. A ‘push’ device usually holds the penis at its head and pushes it out to gently stretch the penile shaft. With time and consistent use, these types of devices may lead to a penis with increased length temporarily. However, the time period required can involve several years and they do not affect the girth of the penis.

A ‘pull’ device works in a slightly different way and often involves applying ‘stretch’ pressure. These types of device are attached to the penile shaft and use a hanging weight or strap system to gently stretch it. As with the ‘push’ devices, you’ll need to use them consistently and for the long-term to be in with a chance of seeing noticeable results. You will also need to be careful when applying any kind of force to the penis as you do not want to cause any unintentional damage to the tissue. If you experience any pain or changes in sensitivity, then stop usage immediately and seek out medical attention.

Penile pumps have also been considered as an alternative to penis enlargement surgery; however, there is little credible research on their effectiveness. Pumps may be used to stimulate an erection or provide a temporary increase in girth. It is thought to achieve this by causing swelling, (known as edema) which increases the circumference of the penis. Penis pumps can often have design flaws that make them impractical or ineffective, which sometimes leads to pain or discomfort of some type. If you do decide to opt for a pump, then it is important to follow the instructions carefully and precisely. Also, be aware that they do not offer a long-term solution and have not been proven to be effective in the short-term.

This commentary is provided simply for reference and is not intended to be medical advice. Please consult your medical professional prior to pursuing any of these alternatives.

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