Watermelon for Prostate Health

Watermelon for Prostate Health

Do you understand the basics of your prostate health? Are you taking care of your sexual and reproductive health? Prostate wellbeing is a very important part of male sexual health and taking good care of it, is essential for male reproductive health.

Prostate gland is a small walnut-sized male reproductive organ that is situated beneath the bladder. It secretes the semen which helps in the nourishment and transportation of sperms.

When men get older, they usually experience enlargement of prostate gland. Enlarged prostate hinders the flow of urine that leads to several health-related issues like urinary leakage, a frequent and uncontrollable needs to pass urine and increased risk of developing infections related to urinary bladder.

There is minimal evidence that healthy and well-balanced diet maintains the prostate gland health however, many researchers believe that nutritious diet which includes protein, veggies and fruits (especially watermelon) helps a great deal in maintaining optimal prostate gland health.

Benefits of Watermelon:

While you are eating red juicy and luscious watermelon, do you have any idea that it is a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction?

Watermelon delivers numerous health benefits as it is rich in antioxidants that helps in the reduction of inflammation and swelling of prostate gland. It also delivers large amounts of vitamin and minerals with fewer calories.

Many studies recommend that higher consumption of watermelon reduces the risk of weight gain or obesity, diabetes, heart diseases etc. It also helps in boosting energy levels, reduction in body weight; promotion of hair growth and fairer complexion.

The analysts at Ibadan University analyzed the properties of watermelon juice and rind and discovered that ingestion of watermelon helps in the reduction of prostate enlargement and reduces its side effects.

Dr. Oluwafisayo Olorunisola, a researcher at the University of Ibadan suggested that watermelon act as a natural remedy to treat prostate enlargement.

Another benefit of consuming watermelon is that it helps in reducing blood pressure. Another research conducted by professor Braham H. Arjamandi from Florida University, suggested similar results. As part of the study, the research team selected nine patients with the diagnosis of hypertension and advised them watermelon extracts for a period of six weeks. The result of the study showed a significant reduction in blood pressure in these participants.

Watermelon comprises of 92% of water. The remaining fruit comprises of high amounts of lycophene that is also available in various vegetables and fruit and phytonutrients (citrulline and beta carotene).

  • Lycophene:

It is among the most dominant antioxidant that helps in maintaining the health of numerous organs like heart, skin, and prostate etc. Many studies indicate that lycophene helps in preventing the development of certain cancers (especially prostate and colon). An experiment was conducted in the Illinois University, Chicago, in which the participants were given lycophene before undergoing prostatectomy. The result of the experiment shows that damage to the tissue reduced to the surrounding prostate tissue, attributed mainly to lycophene administration.

  • Phytonutrients:

Watermelon contains large amounts of Citrulline. Citrulline is basically an amino acid that assists in circulatory functions of the body. When you eat Citrulline rich foods, the dietary amino acids are converted into Arginine which raises nitric oxide levels. It promotes the flow of blood by dilating the blood vessels. When blood flow towards penis increases, it results in penile erection. In other words, it acts like Viagra and we all know that Viagra is the well-known medicine for treating impotency and erectile dysfunction in men.

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