Penis Extension Surgery


Many men are ashamed of their penis size. It might even be a more common problem than you think. In a culture that values showers over growers, it’s easy for many men with micropenises, small penis syndrome, erectile dysfunction, curved penises, or penile injuries to feel inadequate in the bedroom. It may be a laughing [...]

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Penectomy Surgery, Risks, And Outlook


Penectomy Surgery, Risks, And Outlook Penectomy refers to surgical removal of penis. It is a serious procedure that is reserved only for advanced penile disease – in which anatomy and physiology of penis is damaged beyond repair. What should you know about Penis Cancer? The most common indication of penectomy is malignancy of penis – [...]

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Why is it important to seek treatment for Chlamydia?


Why Is It Important To Seek Treatment For Chlamydia? What is Chlamydia? The Chlamydia is the most widespread and commonly reported sexually transmitted infection (STI) which is caused by bacteria - chlamydia trachomatis. According to latest statistics, every year about 1.2 million peoples are diagnosed with Chlamydia in America.  The most unfortunate part of this [...]

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Penile Implant Surgery – How Is It Performed?


Penile Implant Surgery – How Is It Performed? What is Penile Implant Surgery? Penile implant surgery or penile prosthesis is the surgical procedure that is advised to treat erectile dysfunction in males who are refractory to traditional treatment options. The procedure is expensive as compared to traditional therapies or drugs but yields satisfactory long-term results. [...]

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How Vacations Help Your Libido


How Vacations Help Your Libido Do you feel that your sex life is getting dull and monotonous? You miss the zest, the enthusiasm from your daily life? Your life becomes hectic and stressful? If that’s the case, you need to takeout some time for you in order to release the stressors from you daily life, [...]

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Saw Palmetto for your Libido


Saw Palmetto for your Libido Saw Palmetto is a naturally occurring herb or berry that is derived from the drupe of saw palmetto plant. This plant is native to southeastern US. Research indicates that saw palmetto is rich in high quality fatty acids and sterols that can help in boosting health. Saw palmetto can be [...]

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Natural Remedies for Hypersexuality


Natural Remedies for Hypersexuality Sex is considered pleasing, therapeutic and fun exercise for most individuals. Everyone have some sort of sexual fantasies, aspiration and desires which is absolutely normal. But sometimes these desire and fantasies become obsessions and impulsions that keeps you fixated on just sex. Needless to say, that hypersexuality may lead to a [...]

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Does Testosterone Therapy Works?


Does Testosterone Therapy Works? It is a fact that key male metabolic and sexual functions are dependent on the healthy serum levels of testosterone. With advancing age or other health issues, the serum levels of testosterone decreases, which can adversely impact the quality off sexual or reproductive life in males. Fortunately, there are a number [...]

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Light Therapy and Testosterone


Light Therapy and Testosterone Testosterone levels: Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone that regulates various sexual and reproductive functions in male’s body. It contributes to all key masculine characteristics such as hairs on chest, muscle mass, deeper voice, penis size etc. Besides masculinity, it also helps in the production of sperm, red blood [...]

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