Light Therapy and Testosterone

Light Therapy and Testosterone

Testosterone levels:

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone that regulates various sexual and reproductive functions in male’s body. It contributes to all key masculine characteristics such as hairs on chest, muscle mass, deeper voice, penis size etc. Besides masculinity, it also helps in the production of sperm, red blood cells and enhancement of male sex drive, memory building and intelligence. In short, testosterone is the foundation of male’s survival.

Unfortunately, as a man gets older, his testosterone levels begin to drop as a part of normal aging process. Low testosterone levels are also known as hypogonadism. Although physiological, in some cases, aging related hypogonadism can bring many challenges in male’s life such as reduced energy, poor sexual life, reduced muscle mass etc.

Besides age there are various other factors that may impact testosterone production in males such as, stress, lack of sleep, lack of proper nutrition etc.

There are many pharmacological therapies that can help in regaining natural testosterone balance in your body, but in some cases, these drugs may lead to a variety of side effects. Some options include hormonal replacement therapy and herbal medicines. But the good news is you can increase your testosterone levels by some simple modification in your life style!!!

Light therapy and Testosterone:

According to a new survey, the red-light exposure can play an important role in boosting testosterone levels in males, without requiring any additional therapy. The Italian researchers conducted a research in which they analyzed that the males with low libido and reduced testosterone levels can restore their testosterone levels with light therapy. The participants who underwent light therapy experienced almost about 50% improvement in their serum testosterone levels. Moreover, they also noticed that after using light therapy for two weeks their sexual satisfaction increased by up to three times.

The Italian researchers also investigated that men who are over 40 years of age and have reduced testosterone levels. These participants were divided into two groups. One group was exposed to very minimal light while other was exposed to bright UV light every day for 30 minutes. After the experiment they filled a questionnaire regarding their sexual satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10. The satisfaction level which was previously low (1-3 on a scale of 1 to 10), was increased up to the score of 6. Their serum testosterone levels were also tested which increased from 2.3ng/ml to an average of 3.6ng/ml.

What is red light therapy: background and history?

The testosterone levels in males tends to rise in the spring and summers season which brings the idea that light plays a vital role in the natural enhancement of male testosterone levels. It has also been observed that people who lives in northern hemisphere has shown reduced testosterone levels in winter season, which eventually returns to normal when summer arrives. That’s why these months are considered very important for conception.

The idea was initiated in 1939 when the study revealed that testosterone levels in men increased by up to 120% when the chest of these men were exposed to UV lights and 200 percent improvement in testosterone levels was noticed among males, when their genitals were exposed to bright light.

After that many other experiments were also conducted to test this idea. In 2013 a research was published in Biomedical Research Journal in which an experiment was conducted on rats. The result indicated an increase in the serum testosterone levels by up to 670 nm with no potential side effects.

What is the mechanism of red light therapy?

Red light is known to reduce the activity of glands in the brain that are responsible for suppressing testosterone production in males. Moreover, red light also enhances LH levels by up to 70% which are responsible for enhancing testosterone production.

According to Dr Brad Anawalt, from University of Washington, testosterone levels are usually high in the mornings, but inadequate exposure to sunlight may reduce the serum levels. That’s why exposure to bright UV light raises testosterone levels and leads to improved libido.

Besides, red-light therapy also reduces depression. As we all know depression and stress contributes a lot to decreased sexual desires and libido in males. Consequently, with red light exposure, depression can be managed that ultimately improves libido and testosterone secretion in males.

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