How Vacations Help Your Libido

How Vacations Help Your Libido

Do you feel that your sex life is getting dull and monotonous? You miss the zest, the enthusiasm from your daily life? Your life becomes hectic and stressful?

If that’s the case, you need to takeout some time for you in order to release the stressors from you daily life, take a break from your hectic schedule and relax yourself. We all knows that everyone needs a change as monotony and routine life can make you feel sick and tired sometimes particularly, if it is related to your sex life. 

Travelling is one of the best ways to release your stresses, reduce your tiredness, and enhance your energy levels. You will feel more energize and enthusiastic if you are away from your daily routine life for sometimes.  Besides this travelling is also help you to feel younger by improving your overall health, and enhance your sex drive according to a recent research conducted by scientists from UK.

How does travelling helps in enhancing libido?

Do you want to enhance your sex life?? Then travel more!!

Many studies suggest that vacations and travelling enhance your libido and sex drive as it reinforces your relationship, enhance the intensity and release your stresses; thereby making you feel younger and also help in weight reduction.

There is a study conducted by surveying 31 million people who travels a lot, which discovers that 81 percent of them feels better after vacation, 46 percent says they are more refresh and healthy, 35 percent people say their stress level reduced a lot and 6 % stated that their sex drive enhances after the vacation.

Travelling give you a break from your daily hectic routine, breakout the daily struggles of life and helps you to regain your energy. Psychologists recommend taking short vacations to enhance your sex life.

  • It reduces stress:

Travelling helps in reducing stress and anxiety by inhibiting the levels of stress hormone i.e. Cortisol. Stress and anxiety exert negative impact on your sex drive and reduce your libido. The reduction of stress and depression boosts your mood and mood is a very important factor that influences your sexual performance, productivity, motivation and overall life. By relaxing yourself and giving your mind and body can definitely improve the quality of sex


  • Weight reduction:

Obesity and excess weight can be a big hurdle in your sexual performance especially fat that builds up around your waist and belly area results in reduced testosterone levels. While in travelling we walk more, becomes more active and overall physical activity increases that result in weight reduction.


  • Environmental change:

The change in environment exerts positive impact on your mood. Usually people get bored with the daily same routine and their sex life becomes dull. They want change as environmental changes arouses their mood and stimulates their sexual activity. Change is the best way to improve your sexual health.


  • Pleasing time with partner:

Being away from your work life, tensions and responsibilities gives you more time to spend with your partner. Finding time to relax with your partner with no interruptions and no work load can increase your energy levels, revitalize your sexual behavior and enhance your libido.


  • Helps in better sleep:

A good night sleep is very important to boost your sexual behavior and appetite. There is a survey according to which the men who sleeps less than five hours a day have low levels of testosterone as compared to those who gets adequate sleep. According to a research conducted by the sleep lab of University of Colorado, the vacations and trips are good enough to reset your circadian rhythm and improves your sleep pattern.


Vacations and travelling are exactly what you need to get a break from your daily boring and hectic routine. So go for a holiday right now!! It is going to make you more energized, happier, healthy and above all sexier than before.

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