Yoga Sexual Benefits

Yoga Sexual Benefits

As a practice, yoga has been performed for many years by people all over the world. Yoga exercises increase flexibility, sometimes by up to 35%, and help strengthen the muscles through various stretching techniques. It not only improves an individualā€™s well-being physically but also mentally and spiritually. Associated with yoga is an improvement with relaxing and healing the body and mind. While many of these benefits have been well known, recent studies have begun to show that there is also a sexual benefit to practicing yoga.

Sexual Benefits of Yoga

Yoga can help improve a womanā€™s sexual function and increase the stamina of men. Other sexual benefits of yoga include an increase in orgasms, desire, and overall satisfaction. The stretching of the muscles is also a major positive factor. The strengthening of the abdomen and pelvic muscles, along with a greater control of breath, lead to greater longevity.

Yoga Sexual Benefits

Yoga Poses and Techniques

Specifically, poses like the downward dog, upward dog, and standing poses contribute to stronger upper body, abs, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Furthermore, many yoga poses focus on the abdominal muscle, which builds up the PC muscle. Overall, if an improvement needs to be made on muscles, Ashtanga and Power Yoga are great physical styles that tone the body. Other forms of yoga, like Lyengar or Hatha, provide an increase in endurance and strength.


Yoga is beneficial for everyone, regardless of whether you do it with a class or a book at home. However, make sure to take into account various factors such as age and current health levels when choosing the type and intensity of the yoga workout.

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