Why Women Wants Their Partner to have High Testosterone Levels?

Why Women Wants Their Partner to have High Testosterone Levels?

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a vital male sex hormone that enables a man to manifest manly characteristics both primary and secondary. Testosterone in men helps in the maintenance of physical health characteristics such as building of muscle and bone mass, deepening of voice, growth of body and facial hairs as well as sexual health and development such as sperm production, penile erection, sex drive, libido etc.

Testosterone levels are not only important for males but also for women as every female want their men to have sufficient testosterone levels for a healthy and satisfying sexual life.

Level of testosterone and quality of life:

Most women are concerned about the testosterone levels in their male partners, because low testosterone direct impacts the quality of sexual and reproductive life. Here are key functions of testosterone:

  • It enhances male libido:

Libido refers to drive and desire to engage in the act of sex. If male testosterone levels are low, the affected male may experience issues in achieving or maintaining penile erection that ultimately results in the loss of sexual drive and libido. In order to resolve this issue many men also opt for testosterone replacement therapies.

  • Improves the quality of mood

Every male is very much concerned about their manliness and sexual health. If a man is not able to satisfy his partner he may feel anxious, worried and depressed. Also, it has been observed that in such situations, males tend to avoid getting intimate with their partner because of the fear that they won’t be able to perform any sexual activity. All of this impacts their overall mood which ultimately influences their relationship.

  • Reduced energy:

Testosterone level also enhances energy levels in men. With low testosterone, energy levels are reduced and men becomes more tired and lethargic that eventually impacts his performance in the bedroom.

  • Testosterone enhances manly characteristics:

Testosterone is responsible for they key manly features in men. It enhances the growth of facial and body hairs which is every woman’s wish. It also results in deep manly voice. The reduction in testosterone level causes loss of body and facial hair. Testosterone levels are also necessary for muscle and bone mass. Loss in the muscle mass results in loose and saggy body. In short, men with low testosterone levels seem less attractive to women that may adversely impact their potential relationships.

  • Poor concentration:

The low testosterone levels also result in poor concentration. Affected men are unable to concentrate on visual signs and gestures. Consequently, most hypogonadal men find it hard to concentrate on their work that makes them more frustrated and it ultimately impact their relationship with their partner.

  • Reduced sperm production:

Testosterone also reduces sperm production that impact male fertility. The feeling that he is not able to make her pregnant is very disappointing and nerve-wracking for most men.

  • Increases the risk of osteoporosis:

Testosterone is necessary for strong bones. The males whose testosterone levels are low are at higher risk of developing osteoporosis. Weak bone also increases the risk of premature fractures. It also results in body and back pain that makes you lethargic and it impacts your sex life.

  • Confidence level:

The man with low testosterone faces many problems that shatters their confidence. The depression, stress, performance anxiety, feeling of being unwanted and useless adversely impacts their confidence and wellbeing. All these feelings contribute to inadequate relationships with their partner.


Testosterone is the most important male hormone that is necessary for the development of physical and sexual health of men. With low testosterone levels, the quality of life in men worsens significantly. There are many ways to enhance testosterone levels in males such as testosterone replacement therapy but it is always better to adopt natural ways to improve testosterone levels. Some lifestyle changes that can help you in regaining your testosterone levels are; regular exercise, quitting smoking and drinking, weight reduction, consumption of well-balanced diet to list a few.

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