What Are The Worst Sperm Killers?

What Are The Worst Sperm Killers?

Trying to become a father for so many years? What hinder your chances of being father? When trying to conceive many of you may underrate the value of healthy sperms.

Reproductive health is very important for both male and female especially if they want to become parents soon. Conceiving at times becomes really difficult for you and there are numerous factors that may affect your fertility. In fact, 1 in every 8 couples face trouble in getting pregnant. According to National Fertility Organization 1 in every 3 cases of infertility are caused by male reproductive issues. According to latest medical research, the sperm quality and sperm count are very important in maintaining healthy reproductive health in males.


What are sperms?

The tiny reproductive cells in males are called sperms. These sperm cells fertilize female eggs for conception to occur. An average healthy man produces 1.5 to 5 ml semen when they ejaculate. The sperm count and quality are both necessary for healthy conception.


What are the sperm killers?

Although men produce millions of sperm every day, there are numerous factors that impact the health of these sperms. Usually sperm cells take about 75 days to mature and any harm occur to these cells can significantly impact your fertility.

There are a number of factors that may adversely affect your sperm health – from products you use to foods you consume

  • Laptop:

Laptops and other similar appliances are considered as the most dangerous gadgets for sperm health especially when connected to WIFI. It is said that these gadgets destroy sperm quality and quantity.  In order to analyze laptop impact on sperm health, 29 samples of semen were gathered and placed in different circumstances. Half of these sample were placed in normal conditions and remaining half were placed in the presence of running laptop. The results indicate that sperms which were placed near laptop reportedly had a higher risk of damaged DNA and weak motility. The reason is heat generated from laptops is dangerous for sperm motility and quantity.

  • Cell phones:

Mobile phones generate electromagnetic radiations which are harmful for cells that are responsible for the production of sperms in the testicles. Various studies were conducted to determine the impact of mobile phone and results showed that cell phones have a negative impact on sperm health.

  • Overheating:

Heat has the power to damage sperm count and motility. Everything that overheats the testicles can harm sperms in males like hot baths, saunas, hot tubs etc. However hot baths and using hot tub in moderation is okay, but if you spend hours in the hot tubs, saunas etc. on daily basis then it will have negative impact on your sperms

  • Smoking:

Smoking exerts injurious effects on the reproductive health of males. Besides many discredits of smoking, one of the biggest drawbacks is its impact on sperm health. Various research studies indicate that cigarette smoke contains harmful toxins which reduces sperm motility and also reduces the production of sperms.

  • Obesity:

According to Daniel A. Potter, a fellow obstetricians and gynecologist; “Obesity is linked with increased production of estrogen in females and decreased production of sperms in males”

Usually males who are overweight have low sperm count and decreased testosterones.

  • Tight undies:

Boxers are always better then briefs or tight underwear as the latter are considered harmful for your sperms. The tight undies can squeeze your testicles due to which temperature of scrotum increase. Although it exerts little impact on the sperms; yet wearing tight under-clothing for a longer period of time should be avoided at all times.

  • Use of alcohol and drugs:

Alcohol, marijuana and other addictive drugs exert negative impact on semen quality. According to DR Peter, couples who are trying to conceive should avoid indulging in hazardous or toxic activities. It has been observed that individuals who consume alcohol in large doses have higher estrogen levels because alcohol abuse can damage liver function. Due to which sperm production also decreases.

  • Poor diet:

The body needs adequate nutrients and vitamins to produce healthy sperms. By consuming a well-balanced diet our sperm count, and quality increases. However, if you eat unhealthy food sperm quality declines substantially.


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