Vitamin D and Testosterone

Vitamin D and Testosterone

Testosterone is a male hormone that is produced by testicles and is associated with a class of hormone, known as androgens (also known as steroids or anabolic steroids). This hormone is mainly affiliated with sex drive and plays a critical role in the production of sperms as well as helping in penile erection. Normal Testosterone levels maintain optimal fertility, muscle mass, distribution of fat and production of red blood cells in men.

The National Institute of Health considers testosterone as the most significant male hormone. It is also produced by women but in very small quantities.

Vitamin D

As we all know that testosterone makes men strong and vitamin D makes your bones strong. However recent research indicates that these two has an even stronger impact due to complimentary action on the tissues, Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that is fat soluble and found in very small quantities in foods like salmon, mushrooms, milk etc. In addition, sunlight is another best source to get vitamin D so it is also known as the sunshine vitamin. As long-term sun exposure have some health risks and very few contain vitamin D in ample quantities; doctors usually recommend vitamin D supplements to fulfill the required need of vitamin D in your body.

Association between Vitamin D and Testosterone:

According to a study conducted at University Hospital Zurich in 2008, there is a strong relationship between vitamin D and testosterone and taking vitamin D and calcium in sufficient amounts can actually increase the testosterone levels in both males and females.

Another study was conducted in 2010 by scientists at the Medical University of Graz in Austria, that further emphasized the strong relationship between vitamin D and testosterone. Later in 2011, another research was conducted by GRAZ University scientists in which it was established that vitamin D supplementation can significantly improve testosterone levels.

How vitamin D improve testosterone levels?

Aromatase is an enzyme that greatly influences testosterone level. It aids in converting testosterone into estrogen and thus enhancing estrogen levels in the human body. The vitamin D naturally slows down the function of aromatase.

There is an experiment conducted on rats which shows that aromatase function is reduced by vitamin D dosage due to which testosterone conversion into estrogen done by aromatase is also reduced.

Fertility and vitamin D:

As we have discussed above that vitamin D helps in reducing estrogen levels which is essential for male sexual health. The increase in testosterone results in increases semen production and maintenance of healthy testes. If testicles are healthy, male erections are stronger and also enhance your sex drive.

According to a fertility specialist, people who live in northern areas always find it difficult to conceive in the winter season. Exposure to sun rays is very beneficial for sexual health. According to a survey in 2008, vitamin D is very helpful at improving the fertility in both males and females. Additionally, it has also been observed that men with poor semen quality and motility are usually vitamin D deficient.

Iva Keene, the writer of Natural Fertility suggested that vitamin D supplements can even replace IVF because it plays a great role enhancing fertility and improving semen quality.


Many fertility specialist and experts suggest that taking at least 3,333 IUs of vitamin D on daily basis is necessary to maintain optimal sexual health. It is also very much recommended to spend some time in the sun as sun exposure is the best natural way to obtain vitamin D.

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