Testosterone and Sexual Desire

Testosterone and Sexual Desire

Testosterone and Sexual Desire

Is testosterone and sexual desire linked? We are often led to believe that testosterone and sex drive are strongly linked. Low testosterone does reduce the ability to have satisfying sex, but it is not the only ingredient to fuel our sex drive. Men can feel a varied range of sex drive with both low or high levels of testosterone. Low levels of testosterone can have an effect on a man’s ability to maintain an erection and is often closely linked to erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone’s Role

 Testosterone is what gives humans vigor and motivation and influences are competitiveness and drive. Within the body, testosterone increases our red blood cells and muscle mass. Ultimately, if testosterone levels drop, both men and women will experience a decline in sex drive. In addition, they can experience fatigue and depression, which ultimately leads to demotivation for sexual activity.

Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

The common culprit for erectile problems is atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the hardening of the arteries. When blood vessels are damaged and can no longer bring blood to the penis, an erection cannot form. Low testosterone is a major contributor to atherosclerosis, creating erectile dysfunction. Studies have found that 1 in 3 men who deal with erectile dysfunction always have low testosterone levels.

Improving Your Sex Drive

Our hormones are in constant communication with one another. By working together, testosterone and estrogen create balance at the cellular level and brain level. Our sex drives and sexual desire are complex emotions and involve a variety of factors: both physical and psychological. Since 1981, The Male Enhancement Center has helped men improve the quality of their sexual life. If you are struggling with the negative effects of low testosterone and are looking for a solution, the medical professionals at The Male Enhancement Center provide a variety of treatments and procedures that can lead to a major positive change in your sexual health.

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