Testicular Stretching – What should you know about it?

Testicular Stretching – What should you know about it?

A lot of people have this misconception that testicular stretching is a technique to enhance the size or volume of testicles, but it is not true. Testicular stretching is a holistic technique that has known to improve the serum levels of testosterone. There is also ample data to support that testicular stretching when performed regularly can also lead to testicular enhancement.

How can you perform testicular stretching?

Testicular stretching is a biphasic technique that involves:

  1. Wrapping of scrotal sac with index finger and thumb in such a way that palmar aspect of your hand faces downwards. When performed correctly, your finger and thumb will align to create a small circle to form the “okay” sign with tight grip on the base of scrotal sac. Before initiating the second phase, make sure to perform gentle back and forth motion along the length of testicles, to ensure mild stretching

It is very important to sustain the stretch when you reach the bottom of the scrotal sac. These maneuvers can be repeated a few times during the day, depending upon the availability of time. When you perform testicular stretching, the scrotal sac stretches and may appear to hang lower than the baseline position.

  1. Second phase involves supporting the base of scrotum and scooping testicles using the palms of your hand. Once you have supported the testicles, align the testicles in an upward position and massage gently in the upward motion.

You can enhance the hormonal secretion by gently squeezing the scrotal sac to make testicles more prominent to further stimulate the deeper tissue for an even better response.

What cautions to practice while performing testicular stretching?

  • Do not rub or apply intense pressure as it may cause discomfort or pain
  • Make sure to apply minimal direct pressure while stretching testicles
  • Ideally, testicular stretching can be performed in the shower
  • If performed correctly, testicular stretching done 3-5 times a day is sufficient to yield positive benefits

What are some key benefits of testicular stretching?

There are no known risks or side effects of testicular stretching if performed under ideal conditions. There are numerous benefits if this maneuver is performed regularly; such as:

  • Improvement in the basal secretion of testosterone that plays a key role in maintaining a healthy libido and optimal sexual functions
  • Enhancement of testicular size has also been observed in men who perform testicular stretching regularly
  • It also improves the circulation in the inguinal region

Speak to your doctor if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of testicular stretching.

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