Survival Rate For Prostate Cancer Surgery

Survival Rate For Prostate Cancer Surgery

Prostate cancer affects many men across the world. While early detection is key in order to best treat it, some men may have to choose surgical methods (prostatectomy) as their form of cancer treatment. Recently, a study was published indicating that those who do opt for surgery have higher survival rates than those who do not. Survival Rate For Prostate Cancer Surgery

The study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, was led by a team who used data from the Geneva Cancer Registry. The Swiss researchers were interested in analyzing the relationship between efficacy of treatment for prostate cancer and patient survival rates. The study followed 844 subjects who had prostate cancer sometime in the years of 1989 to 1998. Researchers then spent an average of 6.7 years observing the types of treatment the subjects were receiving (or not receiving).

Given that this was an observational study, the researchers could not manipulate the subject’s conditions. Therefore, 375 subjects chose watchful waiting, 205 chose radiotherapy, 158 chose surgery, 72 chose hormonal methods, and 31 chose another approach not already mentioned.

The study’s results provided insightful analysis on their thesis. The Swiss researchers concluded that the men who chose to have surgical treatment, in comparison to no treatment or radiation, had higher survival rates. On average, the 10-year survival rate of a man who performed a prostatectomy was 83 percent, whereas it was 72 percent for radiation therapy. While these survival rates are different, patients diagnosed with prostate cancer must still consult with their doctor in order to receive the treatment that best suits their needs.

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