Sperm Killers – Myths and Facts

Sperm Killers – Myths and Facts

Want to have children but unable to make her pregnant??? Why are you finding it difficult to conceive? What things are impacting your chances of becoming a father??

The answer to these questions is very important for couples who are trying to conceive a baby for a long period of time but are unable to succeed.

To conceive a child, the reproductive and sexual health of both male and female partner matters a lot. But when it comes to conceiving a child mostly the focus is on women fertility. Almost one in every 10 couples are facing difficulty in conceiving. It is noteworthy that male infertility contributes to 30 percent of this statistic.

Many couples don’t understand the value of perfect healthy sperms until they begin to experience difficulty in conceiving a child.

What are sperms?

The word sperm is derived from sperma, which is Greek word. These are tiny cells in the male reproductive system that anatomically resembles a tadpole with a head and tail. Sperms once released, can fertilize the egg to form a zygote. A healthy man ejaculates almost 1.5 to 5 ml of semen with each ejaculation.

Sperm count and quality is very important for males who are looking to impregnate their partner.

Myths and Facts about Worst Sperm Killers:

Although a healthy man produces millions of sperm each day, but there are millions of factors that may impact the health of these sperms. These tiny swimmers take around 75 days to fully grown to maturity that’s why any danger and harm to these sperm can adversely impact male fertility.

There are many myths regarding sperm killers some are true some are not. Here we are discussing eight factors.

  • Laptops:

The laptop with wireless connection is considered as the worst sperm killer. But is it true? In order to test this, a research was conducted in which sperm sample of 29 men were taken. These samples were placed in two different situations. Half were placed under laptops and remaining half were placed under normal condition. The result suggested damaged DNA and reduced motility in the samples which were placed closer to the laptops.

The heat and electromagnetic radiations produced from these gadgets are harmful for both sperm quality and quantity.

  • Caffeine consumption and artificial coloring:

If caffeine is consumed in large amounts it may affect your sperms

  • Overheating:

Heat has the tendency to damage sperm motility and sperm count. Overheating or exposure to high temperatures can harm your sperms however; you should not worry about taking hot baths or using hot tubs as it doesn’t cause male infertility unless you spend long hours in these tubs.

  • Tight undies and briefs:

Briefs or tight underwear are unsafe and harmful for sperm as tight underclothing can compress testicles and decrease scrotal temperature; however, not enough research is conducted on this topic. It is still recommended for men to wear boxers instead of tight underclothing.

  • Cell phones:

Another popular belief is that mobile phone releases electromagnetic radiations which are destructive for sperms. There are several researches conducted on this topic. The evaluation on the result of these studies was conducted by University of California and eight among nine studies showed that mobile phones adversely impact sperm count and motility. Why? Because the electromagnetic radiations produced by mobile phone destroy cells which are responsible for sperm production in testicles.

  • Cycling:

Cycling is also believed to be a sperm killer. To analyze this hypothesis, Spanish triathletes conducted a research. The result of this research suggests that sperm quality and sperm count is lower in people who are active cyclists, compared to those who does not cycle. Many other studies also suggested negative impact of cycling on the sperms.

  • Smoking:

Whenever a couple faces fertility issue it is recommended to them to quit smoking. But does it really exert any impact on sperm health? Many studies were conducted to test this and almost all showed negative impact of smoking on sperm count and motility. Tobacco consists of many harmful and dangerous toxins which affect sperm chromosomes. Excessive smoking also results in increased abortion rate.

  • Cash register receipt:

There is a popular belief that cash receipt is detrimental for sperms. People beliefs that these receipts contain plastic coating which contains BPA (Bisphenol A). BPA is usually found in plastic products and considered to be very harmful for reproductive health of male. It disturbs male endocrine system. In fact, BPA coating on these receipts is transferable to skin if held for 10 seconds.

Although BPA is bad for sperm count but there is no evident seen that cash receipt exerts any impact on male sperm count. Still it is better to wash your hand after holding them.

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