Smoking and Impotence

Smoking and Impotence

A recent study performed to find the impact of smoking on a man’s sexual performance has established a connection between smoking and impotence. The report was shared in the American Heart Association’s annual Conference in Miami. Cigarette smoke has over 41,000 harmful chemicals, such as ammonia, acetone, carbon monoxide, arsenic, tar, and lead, which

  • damage blood vessels
  • results in fatty deposit buildup
  • cause narrowing of arteries

As a result, there are problems with blood flowing into the penis. Proper blood flow is imperative for achieving erections. The nicotine in cigarette causes blood vessels to squeeze tight, adversely affecting blood flow to the penis. Long-term use of nicotine can cause permanent damage to the blood vessels and arteries, including those that carry blood to the penis.


Infertility imageThe Smoking and Impotence Connection

Prolonged smoking causes greater physiological damage. Another study found that healthy men who were routine smokers, with no history of heart disease, diabetes, or impotence, were twice as likely to experience impotence.

Smoking is also linked to plaque buildup in the arteries that obstructs blood flow through vessels, resulting in blood circulation problems throughout the body and a man’s ability to achieve and maintain erections.  According to researchers, impotence is a major problem for older men, but adults who smoke regularly may also experience weaker erections due to constriction of blood vessels.

The study examined over 4,000 Chinese men and found that those who smoked 20 cigars daily were at 67% greater risk of erectile dysfunction and those who were present and past smokers had a 30% risk of impotence. Those who remained nicotine-free were found to achieve wider, firmer erections more quickly compared to those who relapsed.


Infertility in Women ImageErectile Dysfunction Treatment

It is possible to recover from erectile function caused by smoking, depending on the degree of damage inflicted to blood vessels and arteries. The greater the length of time a man spends on smoking, the greater the risk of damage to the biological systems and the higher the chances of impotence.

Many reports reveal that men who had previously reported losing erections before orgasm have been able to reverse the situation by quitting smoking.

Though there are many other causes that can result in erectile dysfunction, such as hypertension, stress, diabetes, alcoholism, you can still improve your ability to achieve erections and return to a full, satisfying sex life by kicking your smoking habit.

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