Silicone Penis Transplant

Silicone Penis Transplant

Strong and sexually appealing tool of manhood (i.e. size and appearance of penis) is very important for most men. It has also been observed that most males are dissatisfied with their size and believes that the cosmetic appearance of their penis affects the quality of their sex life (1). It is also noteworthy that men are always willing to try new products and procedures to enhance the size of their penis, which in some cases may lead to deleterious consequences. Various research and clinical studies indicates that smaller penis size makes men depressed and less confident on their abilities. It also interferes with their capacity to engage in healthy sexual and social relationships.

Why Most Traditional Penile Lengthening Procedures Fails?

In the past, many options have been considered and practically applied to enhance the size of penis but most such interventions either failed completely due to side effects or inadequate results. For example:

  • Fat injection have been used to enhance the penile diameter. Although, most men were able to achieve the desired girth in the short term, the results were temporary as within a small time-frame of five to six months, fat is resorbed in the system (2). Furthermore, injecting fats into the penile tissue also increases the risk of deformities and poor aesthetic appearance of penis (2). This is mainly because, fat injection is often accompanied by appearance of lumps and bumps in the shaft.
  • Likewise, gel fillers and foreign tissue implantation have also been performed to enhance the length and girth of penis. However, unlike promising results of gel fillers in the management of facial wrinkles, this method didn’t offer much help in penile lengthening.

What Are Silicone Penile Implants?

Dr. Elist, the renowned urologist from Beverly Hills has more than 35 years of first-hand experience in the field of urology. After thorough studies and dealing with thousands of patients with penile cosmetic issues, Dr. Elist came up with brilliant idea of developing a novel penile transplant, which definitely is a success.

According to Dr. Elist, the silicone penile implants are similar to silicone breast implants but are not exactly the same in Penis Enlargement Surgery – What Should You Know About It? imageconstruction. Breast implants are silicone gel filled bags while the penis implants are very soft silicone which are given the shape of penis, to cover 270 degrees of the entire penis.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The surgeon administer an incision of about one inch to one and a half at the groin area from which the implant is introduced. As soon as the implant is inserted through the incision, the penis expands in size by 1.5 to 2.5 inches. Selection of implant size depends largely upon patient factors (such as personal preferences, age, skin of men etc.). For those who naturally have very tight skin or don’t have sufficient skin due to circumcision, a large size implant is more appropriate to yield promising results. Likewise, the extra-large penile implant is suitable for those who have good skin.

What To Expect After The Surgery?

Person can resume his routine activities from the following day but for sexual activities should be resumed after at least four to six weeks. If absolute abstinence from sexual activities (including masturbation and oral sex) is not maintained, the risk of complications increases. This includes penile infection in which case implant removal surgery may have to be performed.

What Else Should You Know About Silicone Penis Transplant Surgery?

The soft silicone penis implants are available in three different sizes; large, extra-large and double extra-large. Thus, men have the option to choose the desirable size and dimensions.  The penis lengthening surgery is usually performed within 45 – 60 minutes and the person is able to get his required results soon after the surgery.

The revolutionary silicone penis implant, developed by the Beverly Hills urologist, Dr. James Elist increase both the length and girth of penis by up to two inches. This is a great news for all those men who want to add up more muscularity and attraction to their manhood.  Along with the excellent success rate and patient compliance, one of the biggest benefit of silicone implant is no need for future surgeries.  Dr. Elist has been performing penis implant procedures from year 2004 with a remarkable success rate and excellent patient outcomes.


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