What Are Some Signs of Healthy Semen

What Are Some Signs of Healthy Semen

If individuals wish to test the health of their semen without conducting unnecessary testing on their body, there are a few ways they could do so on their own. So what are some signs of healthy semen?

According to Spanish and Finnish researchers, men with “manlier” faces probably have poorer semen quality. The tradeoff hypothesis claims that if more energy is consumed in producing semen, less will energy will be disposable for secondary sex traits.

While higher testosterone levels can create a more masculine face and deepen a man’s pitch, it can also inhibit sperm production in the testes.

Physical health and semen quality

If the man has an increase in fat near his waist and stomach region, there is a negative effect on the release of sex hormones. If less hormones are secreted and released due to weight gain, men may have a lower sperm count.

Recent research from Harvard University indicates that men who exercise, with high resistance weight training for more than 15 hours per week, have higher sperm production because of the production of anti-oxidants. This protects the sperm cells from damage.

Wearing looser fitting underwear can help increase the mobility of sperm. Tight underwear can damage sperm production by increasing the temperature in the scrotum.

More research from Harvard University suggests that eating red meat frequently reduces sperm count, while those who ate more fish and omega-3 fatty acids exhibited higher sperm production by 65 percent.

Reheating food in plastic boxes releases chemicals like bisphenol-A, which affects androgen and estrogen levels in the testicles. The change in these levels can damage sperm by making them less motile.

Finally, other studies indicate that watching television for more than 20 hours per week, while laying down, reduces a man’s sperm production by almost 44 percent.

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