Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Anxiety is psychological issue that makes you worry and panicky about different things. it’s just like having fear or terror of something. One type of anxiety is performance anxiety i.e. the fear of not performing in bed.

A perfect and intimate sexual life can’t be achieved by physical contact alone. It also requires you to connect and engage mentally. If your mind is stressful, anxious and tensed, it may impact your performance in bed.

Sex is a wonderful feeling and people do it for fun but sometimes men become anxious for their performance that impacts their sexual ability.

Sexual anxiety is very common among men of all age groups. It occurs when a person is anxious about their s body and ability to please and satisfy their partner. This performance anxiety results in erectile dysfunction in men and affected man may become unable to maintain and keep his erection. It might be due to any stress, relationship issues or any bad past experience.

What are the causes of performance anxiety?

  • Sometimes stress, pressure and depression reduce your self-esteem and makes you feel worthless. Person is not confident enough and positive about his sexual ability.
  • Thinking negatively that he won’t be able to perform or unable to please and satisfy his partner before sexual intercourse.
  • Become conscious of his body image and weight.
  • Penis size problems
  • Some other factors like stresses from work, money career etc.
  • Relationship problem.
  • Poor past experience.
  • History of physical abuse.
  • Fear of early ejaculation.

All of these issues adversely impact your performance in bed.



If you are paying too much attention and focus on your performance your concentration on sex and pleasure is reduced that ultimately reduce sexual arousal and orgasm. The state of mind of any person influences his capability to get aroused. Even if you are sexually attracted to someone, performance anxiety makes you unable to reach orgasm.

When a person is stressful and anxious their stress hormone (Cortisol) and adrenaline level increases which adversely impact their sex drive and make them unable to feel relax. And nobody can maintain and keep his erection under elevated levels of stress and pressure.

Stress hormones also contract blood vessels that hinder and slow down the flow of blood towards penis, enhances muscle tension and reduces sensations of penis.  Besides erectile dysfunction it also results in premature ejaculation and delays in reaching orgasm.

How to overcome this issue?

There are many ways to overcome performance anxiety.

  • Talk to your therapist:

Make an appointment with sex therapist. Therapy helps you to recognize your main problem that impacts your sexual performance. Therapist also teaches you many different techniques and ways to overcome performance anxiety. Try some relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation to reduce your stress levels.


  • Discuss with your partner:

Try to discuss your issues with your partner. It will release your worries.  Try to find solutions together. If you discuss with your partner, your anxiety about sexual performance will definitely be reduced.  Your partner may try to make you comfortable.


  • Distract yourself:

Try to think about or watch something that turns you on like watching a sexy movie or listening romantic song etc. Diverting your mind from your performance releases the stress that makes you unable to get aroused.  Don’t make standards about your sexual appeal or performance just relax yourself and enjoy your sex. Trim down the pressure that you have to perform and take it easy.


  • Learn different ways:

Learn different ways and techniques to get sexually aroused. Take bath together, try to give sensual massage or delight each other with masturbation.


  • Exercise:

Exercise not only makes you healthy and fit but it also increases your stamina in bed.

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