Protein and Sexual Performance


Protein and Sexual Performance

Protein is essential for human function. The amount of protein one consumes can affect different areas of the body. When it comes to sexual health and libido, consuming the recommended intake of protein (10%-35% of your diet) is essential. Both excessive and inadequate protein consumption can interfere with sexual performance.

When Protein Works

Protein enriched diets can help your body in many ways. A diet that consists of healthy lean protein help build lean muscle. Staying fit can help your strength within the bedroom. Many lean proteins (for example, salmon) contain omega-3 fats. Omega-3 fats stimulate healthy blood flow. Healthy flood flow is paramount to cardiovascular health, resulting in easier arousal.

Sperm count is said to go up when your diet consists of lean means such as chicken, turkey, and fish. If you want to increase your ejaculation count, it is recommended to stay away from red meats.

Protein gives us energy. Acting as a macronutrient, we need a lot of it to function. Unlike fats, proteins do not stay in our body for long. We must consume protein more readily. Without protein, your energy is drained and can affect your sexual stamina.

Protein Risks

Excessive intake of protein can lead to various health concerns including weight gain, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, kidney stones, and some cancers. Proteins that are rich in saturated fat lead to blood blockage. Without proper blood flow to the genitals, getting an erection can become difficult. When you have excess protein in your system it can reduce the amount of testosterone in your body.

The Optimal Amount

Essentially, there is no optimal amount of protein. It is important to be aware of your protein levels, but this differs for every man. To find out what is right for your body, it is important to seek medical advice from professionals. The Male Enhancement Center can help you find what is right for your body to achieve prime sexual function.

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