Prevent Premature Ejaculation With These Simple Tips

Prevent Premature Ejaculation With These Simple Tips

Premature ejaculation can cause extreme frustration for both sexual partners. Almost 75% of men suffer from this distressing condition that causes them to ejaculate before or shortly after penetration at one time or another. A common condition affecting men under 40 years of age, ejaculation can be considered premature if it occurs merely for 30 seconds-4 minutes during intercourse. Sexual intercourse lasting two minutes or less can be categorized as early ejaculation. If you are experiencing this condition, here are tips to prevent premature ejaculation.


Useful techniques to prevent Premature Ejaculation

  • Behavioral techniques:¬†The start-and-stop method can help you delay orgasm. It begins as a solo exercise, wherein you begin by masturbating and stopping immediately when you are close to orgasm. Relax for a while and then repeat the step, bringing yourself closer to orgasm until you can‚Äôt hold it enough. The process will help you learn about your point of no return so you can enjoy intercourse with your sexual partner.
  • The Squeeze Method:¬†Squeeze the base of the penis during intercourse, when you are at the brink of orgasm. Squeezing will delay ejaculatory response and reduce erection.
  • Have sex multiple times:¬†One of the easiest tips to prevent premature ejaculation is to engage in sexual intercourse more than once a day. Even if you ejaculate too early, a second or third round of sex will help you learn how to hold longer.
  • Take it easy:¬†During intercourse, make it a point not to engage in small, slow, and shallow movements, without thrusting too hard or deep. In the beginning, do not penetrate longer than two inches. By doing so, youpremature ejaculation image will excite her senses and increase her pleasure while slowing ejaculation.
  • Deep breathing:¬†Take deep breaths and hold your breath for a few seconds to regain focus and divert your mind from ejaculation. This will help you slow down early ejaculation. A form of meditation, deep breathing can help control sexual arousal, which leads to ejaculation. If you practice doing this for at least five minutes, you can learn to focus on the breaths of your partner and thus build a more intimate relationship.
  • Kegel technique:Kegels are equally good for men as for women. These exercises help in tightening pubococcygeal (PC) muscles, which can further help you have greater control over ejaculation. Finding your PC muscles is as easy as repeatedly starting and stopping the flow of urine. Count 10 and hold on until then. The exercise will help tighten the muscles and enable you to control and prevent early ejaculation.
  • Longer foreplay:¬†While longer foreplay can excite her senses further and increase her satisfaction, it can help delay your ejaculation and reduce dissatisfaction.
  • Topical medication:¬†Some topical creams are available that can reduce the urge to ejaculate when applied on the penis a few minutes before sexual activity. Promescent is one such FDA-approved medication. The cream is absorbed under the skin and thus does not have any negative impact on the partner‚Äôs sensations.

For most men, these simple premature ejaculation tips can help while some other men may need to combine these techniques with psychological counseling for better results.

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