Relationship Between Penile Size and Sexual Health

Relationship Between Penile Size and Sexual Health

A long-standing myth amongst both men and women alike has been the idea that there is a proportional relationship between penile size and sexual health. More specifically, the larger the penis, the more sexually healthy the individual in addition to the notion that the individual has a greater ability to sexually satisfy a woman. Although numerous research has demonstrated that such myths have no scientific basis, the idea that “bigger is better” persists.


Infertility in Women ImageLength or Girth? Which is More Important?

In a recent survey regarding perceived sexual satisfaction in relation to penile length and girth amongst 50 sexually active women with ages ranging from eighteen to twenty-five years old, it was discovered that penile thickness (girth) was vastly considered more important than penile length. Very few women preferred penile length over girth. A scientific explanation to this can be that a thicker penis may be more stimulating to the female clitoris.


Factors Can Play a Role in Improving One’s Sexual Health

Certainly there are other factors which can play a role in improving one’s sexual health:

  • Improving control of their ejaculation to help prolong their stamina. Most women need more stimulation than men to achieve orgasm. Allowing time for women to build up to a complete orgasm has been shown to be far preferred over penile size.

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  • Use of techniques to better stimulate their partner. Different sexual positions allow for different insertion angles of the penis into the vaginal canal. This allows for different levels of stimulation of the female clitoris.


  • Use and mastery of foreplay. The build-up to the actual act of intercourse, as reported by women, is regarded to be as important as intercourse itself. Use of toys and different forms of stimulation can be used to build to the act of intercourse.


Sexual health is not just contingent on a man’s penile stature. His ability to please a woman depends on his mastery of the female anatomy, his own anatomy, as well as his ability to stimulate a women in more ways than one. If you or someone you know would like more information about increasing sexual health, there are sexual therapists, counselors and workshops devoted to improving sexual health.

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