Normal Penile Length and Girth

Normal Penile Length and Girth

Most men are curious to find real facts about normal penile length and girth. Whether it is the length or width of a man’s penis that matters to women is a question that needs to be debated!
According to the Kinsey Institute, average length of an erect penis is 5.6 inches while the width is 4-5 inches. Penis Penile Size Imagesize has been the cause for great deal of anxiety for some men who see it as indispensable for the sexual pleasure of their partner.

However, many women do not worry much about the length; rather, it is the width of the penis that they are most concerned about. Length may be seen as less important to a woman, since the majority of nerves that are stimulated during intercourse lie close to the vaginal and anal opening. This makes width a bigger factor than length of the penis, as it’s the stretching of vaginal walls that causes nerve stimulation.

Some studies reveal that 85% of women are not concerned about their man’s penile size and proportion; however, it is the men who are less sure of themselves. Another study of 50 sexually active undergraduate women found that they considered penile girth of their male partners for sexual satisfaction and were least concerned about length.


When is Small too Small?

Testicular Size ImageAccording to a research report published in the Journal of Urology, an erect penile length of less than 3 inches and a flaccid length of 1.6 inches is considered small. Men with such penis dimensions are considered candidates for penile lengthening.

While penis length or dimensions could be the cause for male sexual dysfunction, other factors also make it difficult for men to have penetrative sex. Sexual performance can be affected by erection and ejaculation problems.

The same study puts the normal penis length ad girth at 5.1 inches for erect penis and 3.5 inches for flaccid penis. However, different studies come up with varying dimensions, and a few are consistent with their results.

More and more men are choosing penile enlargement procedures due to their rising concerns and fears over their small penis size, as most of them are doubtful whether they have a normal penile size and if that would please or satisfy their partners.


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