Male Testicle Size, Treatment of Below Average Testicle Size (Part 2)

Male Testicle Size, Treatment of Below Average Testicle Size (Part 2)

Tanner Stages: In order to best measure the male testicle and provide a reference chart for all body types and development stages, Dr. James Tanner created the tanner stages, which is a chart that establishes a reference system for average testicle sizes at various ages and how much volume they can hold.

The Tanner stages are:

  1. Childhood: 1-3 ml
  2. Early Puberty: 4-6 ml
  3. Mid Puberty: 8-10 ml
  4. Late Puberty: 14-16 ml
  5. Adulthood: 18-25 ml

Below Average Size Treatment

While some surgeons perform testicle replacement surgery in order to improve the size of the testicles, the most effective solution to being below the average size is a procedure created and patented by Dr. Elist, MD, FACS: ProLibra. Dr. Elist, a urologist in Beverly Hills employs this technique for men who have below average testicles because of medication, testicle prostheses, or age.

This method wraps a soft silicone implant around the testicle. The implants themselves are ¾ oval egg-shaped. There are many advantages with this procedure, such as the implant not hindering testicle function, immediate results, and maintaining two larger testicles instead of up to four testicles.


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