Is it healthy to have multiple sexual partners?


Is it healthy to have multiple sexual partners? 

We are led to believe many things about sexual function. Most of our beliefs stem from our cultures and “facts” that have been told for centuries. Consequently, we have been led to believe that multiple sex partners (MSP) is thought to give us greater rates of depression and anxiety. Although this might be true for some, new longitudinal research from New Zealand finds that this claim is not true.

Health Risk

The one sure thing we know is that the more sexual partners you have, the more you are at risk for certain sexual transmitted diseases. MSP increases your risk of developing and contracting sexual transmitted diseases that can also lead to more serious life-inflicting ones such as HIV/AIDS.

Mental Health

Increased promiscuity is closely linked to some mental health issues. The most popular being borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. Those who have these mental health issues are more likely to engage in more sex, with more sexual partners.


Those who engage in promiscuous behavior are more likely to be more social and have more friends. This is linked to multiple sexual partners and extrovertedness. Extroverts are more gregarious by nature and tend to get more stimulated in social situations.


Those who engaged in sexual activity with multiple partners throughout one’s life to have a higher likelihood to cheat in long term monogamous relationships. Although there are limited studies that link the two together, many psychologists and sex experts have stated that those who are sexually active have trouble with being monogamous. 

If you are concerned…

If you are concerned about your sexual performance and activity, discussing your sexual health with a medical professional can change your overall health. If you are feeling depressed, anxious, or suffer low self-esteem, it probably isn’t from MPS. Taking action and ownership of your sexual health is essential. The male sexual health professionals at The Male Enhancement Center have the experience and technology to help you create positive sexual function.

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