How to Stop Sweaty and Smelly Groin

How to Stop Sweaty and Smelly Groin

For both men and women, the region containing their reproductive organs (the groin) has a very strong smell. A smell is normal for region, even if it does not seem pleasant. However, some odors occurring because of sweat are not natural and should be avoided. A sweaty smell is caused by the folds of the skin in the groin area giving off dead cells, which then create bacteria that release gaseous odor.

How to Avoid Sweaty Odor

When exercising, or during the summer months (or even both), the folds of the skin shed off even more dead skin cells. Therefore, make sure to take some steps in order to decrease the smell, or stop it from occurring. Most importantly, always wash and dry the groin area with water and soap by thoroughly scrubbing the folds in the skin. Other than during washing, the skin around the reproductive organs should stay dry with its pubic hair frequently trimmed.

If the smell is very bothersome, men can apply deodorant on the skin near their groin area. In addition to deodorant, they can also pat on some white vinegar to reduce bacteria. Finally, cotton clothing is the best fabric to wear as it minimizes moisture, which leads to rubbing of the skin and the release of odor.

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