How to Boost Sex Drive In Men?

How to Boost Sex Drive In Men?

Do you think you are too distracted and least interested in sex? Do you think your sex drive is not like the way it used to be?

Reduced sex drive is a fairly common sexual dysfunction that is characterized by loss of interest in engaging in sexual activities. Poor sex drive is a difficult and distressing situation for any male as well as his partner/s.

Several factors can play a role in maintaining your libido such as dehydration, lack of sleep, hormonal issues, stress; anxiety etc. Low libido in men suggests loss of interest in sex and other sexual acts. Brief periods of poor libido are normal if it happens occasionally but if it happens for an extended period of time it might be a sign of some underlying issue which can be physical or psychological.

Usually low libido is due to low serum levels of testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone that is responsible for the maintenance of sex drive in males along with a variety of other functions. In most cases, low testosterone can be treated by using testosterone replacement therapy however, it is better to avoid medical intervention and to manage things with simple lifestyle changes like exercise, nutritious diet etc.


The first and foremost goal of any treatment is to find the correct diagnosis. Lack of sex drive and poor libido doesn’t always mean that your testosterone levels are low. There might be some other health issues that can cause this problem, however the first thing doctors’ check during the diagnosis of low libido in male is serum testosterone levels via blood test. The best time to evaluate your testosterone levels is morning.


Ways to increase testosterone levels and boost sex drive in males:

If your lack of interest in sex is due to low testosterone levels, it is highly recommended to see a healthcare provider. In addition, certain lifestyle and dietary modifications can also help in restoring natural hormonal balance. These include:

  • Weight reduction:

Being obese and overweight also results in low serum levels of testosterone by increasing peripheral conversation of testosterone to estrogen. In order to increase serum testosterone levels, it is imperative to maintain healthy body weight. It has also been observed that belly fat or truncal obesity can also affect libido by reducing stamina and interfering with the image of self.

  • Aerobics:

Aerobic training is good for a number of reasons in males who are living with low libido. Aerobic training improves stamina, boost energy levels and also increase testosterone levels.  According to a research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2013, investigators suggested that aerobic exercise with moderate intensity (up to 200 minutes per week) is a natural tool to boost testosterone levels without any medicine or supplementation.

  • Balanced diet:

A well balance diet consists of high proteins and low-fat nutrients to enhance sexual health. There are certain foods that may play a vital role in naturally boosting testosterone levels. These include; celery which helps by increase sexual stimulation. Likewise, Zinc containing foods like shellfish can also help in enhancing sperm production.

  • Quit smoking:

Excessive smoking, alcohol intake and drugs also decreases testosterone levels. By minimizing the use of these hazardous drugs, you can naturally boost testosterone levels.

  • Use of certain medications:

Use of certain medicines can also result in reducing testosterone levels in males. You should discuss with your doctor before taking any medicines for sexual health.

  • Stress:

Stress, depression, and any mental trauma can also diminish testosterone levels in males. In that condition seeking help from a registered therapist is very useful.


Try to revitalize your relationship:

Sometimes the anxiety of performance and thinking that you won’t be able to satisfy your partner makes the situation worse. This stress also results in low libido or even temporary impotency in males. Make sure to discuss with your partner as to what might be bothering you instead of living in a state of anxiety and shame. Don’t let your partner feel that you have lost interest in her or in the relationship instead of discussing your issues.

It is better not to consider sex as a duty or a task. Adopt healthy interventions such as spice up the relationship between you and your partner. Going out for movie or dinner or spending quality time together also helps a great deal by putting things in perspective.







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