Healthy Heart, Healthy Sex Life


Healthy Heart, Healthy Sex Life

The important relationship between our health and our sexual life might not be recognizable on the day to day, but healthy libidios and sexual function act as a barometer to our overall bodily function. The benefits go both ways when it comes to heart health and sex:  sex is advantageous for heart health and heart health makes sex better. A study conducted by the American Journal of Cardiology found that men who were sexually active (have sex at least twice a week) were less likely to develop heart disease compared to men who had sex once a month.

Sex As Exercise

One of the most obvious reasons why sex benefits your heart is because it is exercise. The aerobic nature of sex (significant muscles of the body moving in rhythmic continuous motion) makes sex a calorie burning and active workout. Exercise profoundly changes our bodies and makes them stronger and healthier. Aerobic exercise lowers our blood pressure, reduces stress and stimulates positive self esteem. All of these factors are noted as major contributors for heart attack and disease.

Vascular Disease & Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction serves as an indicator for vascular diseases. Often, erectile dysfunction (ED) is an early symptom and can happen even before seeing a cardiologist. A study led by Northwestern University proved that poor cardiovascular health influenced the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction. Essentially, men can avoid ED in similar ways they can avoid heart disease: by partaking in healthy lifestyles (active, non-smoking). This particular study found that ALL of the men surveyed that has high cardiovascular disease risk also suffered from erectile dysfunction.

Maintaining Better Sexual Function

The large body of research dedicated to linking cardiovascular health and sex function has proven that men with high risk factors for heart disease are less likely to live healthy and successful sex lives. This can result in erectile dysfunction. Maintaining good cardiovascular health (by exercising, maintaining healthy diet, blood pressure management, etc) is not only good for your erectile function, but also reduces the risk of heart disease. Essentially, men who take good care of their health will thrive better (in and out of the bedroom).

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