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Health Benefits Of Nuts

Including nuts in your diet is beneficial to your overall wellbeing because they contain essential fats and acids. These include linoleic and linolenic acids, unsaturated fat, and monounsaturated fat. However, why should your body be taking in these nutrients? What kind of health benefits do they provide? First, they can reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease (CHD). Second, they lower the concentration of serum LDL cholesterol; the lowering of this “bad” cholesterol occurs because of the cardioprotective effects and Omega 3 fatty acid profile of nuts. Third, individuals with diabetes are encouraged to substitute in nuts instead of unhealthier snacks given that nuts have a lower glycemic index (GI). There’s a lot of health benefits of nuts.

More often than not, women choose to eat more nuts than some unhealthy snack options; however, fewer men tend to watch their diet in the same way. Nevertheless, it is imperative for men to understand that certain nuts are actually correlated with helping control erectile dysfunction.

Nuts and Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The two nuts that men need to pay more attention to are almonds and pistachios, which are great sources of protein and fiber. Almonds have been known, since ancient times, to have characteristics that increase libido. Furthermore, their high levels of protein, packed with a lot of energy, can help men lose fat and build muscle – more muscles lead to greater self-confidence in men, which lead to more confidence in the bedroom.

Moreover, pistachios, which are high in zinc, copper, and manganese, help tremendously with conception because their consumption may lead to a higher sperm count and better sperm quality.

Regardless of erectile dysfunction, adding nuts to your diet is beneficial given that it contains many essential fats and acids necessary for preventing certain diseases and reducing cholesterol levels. However, if on top of those concerns there are issues with erectile dysfunction, then consuming nuts will help improve muscle growth and confidence, along with actual conception.

Health benefits of nuts


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