Fish Oil Benefits for Male Sexual Health

Fish Oil Benefits for Male Sexual Health

A major concern in male health is testosterone levels. These levels can have major impact on other systems and functions in the body as well. As such, many men are careful about what they consume, and the kinds of activities they partake in. While some have long lists of what to eat, and not to eat, others simply say to live healthily.

For some, fish oils are an essential part of their diet, with many claiming that they have positive effects on weight loss due to their fatty acid content. Therefore, fish oils have been heralded as a capsule that generates immense health benefits, with large percentages of people consuming them in the US. As is the case with other “medical miracles,” fish oils were put to the test. Multiple studies were conducted for over 7 years, beginning in 2005. Out of the 24 studies, only 2 presented results that were statistically significant. In the other 22 studies, fish oils were found to be effective polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), which through oxidation decrease testosterone levels. Furthermore, not only do they affect testosterone, but they also contain many of the pollutant that, unfortunately, marine life is susceptible to.

There are also others who take doses of PUFA as supplements. While they have been used to treat other health conditions, they appear to have negative effects on testosterone levels. As explained above, if not taken in moderate doses, PUFA can oxidize, which hinders the production of testosterone in the testes. PUFA also has been said to disrupt stress and thyroid activity.

Therefore, given that testosterone is incredibly important, make sure to do background research before committing to a specific health plan to boost secretion levels. As presented, PUFA and fish oils are not the most recommended products for the increase in testosterone levels.

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