Female Sexual Stimulants

Female Sexual Stimulants

Sexual dysfunction in women can be effectively managed with female sexual stimulants that enhance their sexual desire, sex drive, libido, and vaginal sensitivity. The reason for dysfunction may vary from one woman to another, depending on physical, pathological, biological, hormonal, and physiological factors. According to a Journal of American Association JAMA report, about 43% of females aged 18-59 years are reported to have sexual dysfunction for one reason or another.

Common symptoms of sexual dysfunction include:

  • Difficulty in triggering sexual desires required for intercourse
  • Change in interest for sexual contact
  • Difficulty in getting stimulated, physically or genitally
  • Pain/discomfort during intercourse
  • Inability to achieve climax or orgasm


Risk Factors Cause Changes in Sexual Stimulation

Sexual Health ImageChanges in secretion rate of different hormones at different points in life have an impact on female sexual stimulants or the ability to get stimulated sexually. Some risk factors that often cause significant changes in the normal rhythm include:

  • Advancing age
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Menopause
  • Health issues like Multiple Sclerosis
  • Side effects of some drugs or exogenous hormonal supplements


Options for Female Sexual Stimulants

  • Lubricants and Arousal Gels

Women with low libido due to vaginal dryness benefit from such agents, reporting significant improvement in sexual pleasure, orgasmic quality, sexual arousal, and psycho-sexual fulfillment.

  • Sexual Dysfunction Disorders Classification ImageVibrators

An increasing number of women make use of vibrators for sexual stimulation. According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 52.5% females between 18 and 60 years report improvement in orgasmic quality and sexual satisfaction with the regular use of vibrators.

  • Vaginal estrogen products

The quality of sexual intercourse is often affected by the deficiency of estrogen in a female body. This may be due to menopause, health issues, aging, or such factors that affect vaginal dryness and libido. Topical applicants to boost estrogen levels or estrogen gels can help manage vaginal dryness without any side effects.

  • Massage Oils

Some massage oils when applied to the vulva can increase sex drive and enhance sexual arousal in women, thus helping maximize the orgasmic pleasure and intensify the sexual experience and performance.

Though most female sexual stimulants are safe to use, abuse or uncontrolled use of these products can raise the risk of acute side effects, resulting in long-term health complications, such as vaginal discomfort.

It is important to consult your health physician if you observe sudden change in your sexual function.

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