Do Men Masturbate More than Women?

Do Men Masturbate More than Women?

According to recent studies, men, in fact, do masturbate more than women. While there is not a level of masturbation that would universally be considered normal, there are positives and negatives to the gap. Those who masturbate more must make sure that their masturbation habits do not impede their ability to work and carry out tasks. If that is in check, masturbation does allow for better sleep and a decrease in stress levels. That said, there is a difference between men and women when it comes to their masturbation habits.

Psychologists explain that this difference comes down to the unequal levels of sex drives between men and women. Men view sex as an important tool to establish a connection in a relationship, whereas women use other mechanisms to establish that link other than sexual intercourse. Women have been given genes that make them more likely to choose their sexual partners based on their ability to provide resources. Therefore, men end up having higher sex drives than women.

What does a person’s sex drive have in common with masturbation? Well, if a person has a higher sex drive, but is not satisfying that need, they are more likely to masturbate. Men have higher sex drives and, also accounting for the satisfaction of their sex life with their partner, masturbate much more frequently than women.

When looking at the data, both men and women masturbate less frequently as they age. However, in their 20s, men are over 15 percentage points greater than women when it comes to masturbating four times a week.

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