Buried Penis Syndrome

Buried Penis Syndrome

A buried penis is a condition in which the penile shaft that is hidden below the penile skin.  Buried penis syndrome is used to describe a normal sized penis that is buried or concealed in the integument of scrotum, thigh, or abdomen and does not have an appropriate sheath of skin. In some men, the penis may be hidden under its own skin.

A congenital disorder, buried penis syndrome is commonly diagnosed in children, especially neonates or obese prepubertal boys.  Adult men may also have a buried penis syndrome, with a fully or partially obscured penis.


Penile Size ImageBuried Penis Syndrome Causes

  • Some men may have a congenital fat pad since birth that hides the penis.
  • With age, the skin of the pubis and lower abdomen tends to descend. The resulting skin sagging causes the penis to be buried under the excess skin and fat in some men.
  • Obesity is another cause of the hidden penile syndrome, with excess skin and fat in the lower abdomen and pubis resulting in the concealment of the penis.
  • Other factors responsible for the buried penis syndrome include chronic inflammation that causes shortage of penile skin, overlying fold of stomach fat and skin, or overly aggressive circumcision.

When the syndrome presents itself at birth, it is primarily the result of penile tissue dysgenesis that causes trapping of the penis. The presence of a pubic fat pad only worsens the extent of obscuration.


Buried Penis Syndrome Categories

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The buried penile syndrome may be classified into the following categories, depending on preexisting conditions, age, and prior procedures.

  • Buried – related with age and often associated with adolescence and obesity
  • Trapped – related with circumcision
  • Concealed ‚Äď related with preexisting condition before circumcision

Peno-scrotal web is a less common type of a buried penis syndrome, which causes concealment of penile shaft by scrotal skin. In the webbed penis syndrome, a normal sized penis is buried under the scrotal skin that looks short in appearance, resulting in the formation of a ‚Äúturkey neck.‚ÄĚ


Buried Penis Syndrome Treatment

Various procedures are used to make the penis more visible.

  • If the hidden penis syndrome is the result of excess skin and fat on the pubic region and lower abdomen, a surgical procedure to excise the skin and fat can cause elevation of the pubic region. The procedure may also give your penis and other genitalia a more youthful appearance.
  • The doctor may suggest a liposuction or open surgical removal of fat if the penis is buried under fat to bring the organ out of concealment.
  • For men suffering from buried penis syndrome from excess penile shaft, another procedure that involves suturing down the skin of the pubis to the underlying abdominal tissue can help make the penis visible.


Buried Penis Syndrome Photos

[one_third]Buried Penis Syndrome Image[/one_third]

[one_third]Buried Penis Syndrome Image[/one_third]

[one_third]Buried Penis Syndrome Image[/one_third]




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