Benefits of Celibacy for Men

Benefits of Celibacy for Men

Celibacy refers to abstinence or complete avoidance of sexual intercourse. Besides using it as a method of practicing contraception, a lot of individuals practice it to reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (or while recovering from some STDs).

A lot of people believe that celibacy refers to restriction on all types and forms of sex (oral, anal & vaginal); while others only restricts vaginal sex. Some individuals take celibacy to another extreme by limiting other intimate (but not necessarily sexual) activities as well such as cuddling, touching, caressing and kissing.

Are there any benefits of Celibacy?

Regardless of the extent to which you practice celibacy; here are some key benefits of celibacy for men:

  • Men who are very involved in sexual interactions can focus on their work and other vital activities if they practice celibacy
  • For a lot of people, celibacy practice brings them closer to their religious or spiritual beliefs
  • As part of natural recovery process after the loss of a partner or breakup
  • Individuals can choose a partner more sensibly and purely on relationship criterion
  • Allows you to recover completely from a health issue without any pressure
  • It improves self-control, focus and clarity in thoughts

Research also indicates that celibacy practice boost serum testosterone levels in men and often times improve intimacy among partners. A number of relationship experts practicing celibacy in the beginning of relationships to let strengthen your bond instead of complicating it with sex and sex related expectations.

Are there are drawbacks associated with Celibacy?

Depending on several factors, celibacy may result in some side effects as well; for example:

  • Heighten desire to engage in sex – which may lead some men to make dangerous decisions
  • Self-restriction by men who are addicted to sex can lead to depression or feeling of sadness / anger or other extreme emotions

If you want to resume sexual activities after practicing celibacy for a certain period of time, make sure you speak to a healthcare provider to learn about the safe sexual practices and/or birth control methods if you are not looking to grow a family right away.

If you are getting sexually frustrated with celibacy or if it is affecting your mood, you can try other options like masturbation. If you are practicing celibacy due to an ongoing health issue, speak to your primary care provider to find a solution.

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