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What Causes Testicular Itch?

What Causes Testicular Itch?

What Causes Testicular Itch?

Itching in the penile area and scrotal sac is very frustrating and uncomfortable. Testicular itch, as the name indicates, refers to an incontrollable need and desire to scratch and rub the balls. Sometimes scratching makes the itching or irritation even worse. Testicular itch may occur due to a variety of health issues. Sometimes it may require medical treatment as well.

Common Causes of Testicular Itch:

Following are the most common causes of testicular itch.

Jock itch is also known as tinea cruris. It is one of the most common causes of gnawing testicular itch due to colonization of fungi in the testicular region. Jock itch is common in moist and sweaty areas like genital areas, skin folds, groin etc. The symptoms of jock itch include redness, rashes, formation of crusty plaques, discharge and other symptoms depending on the type and severity of fungal colonization.


Genital herpes is an STI (sexually transmitted infection) that is caused by unprotected sexual contact with an infected individual. Genital herpes is caused by Herpes Simplex virus. After initial contact, the virus can remain quiescent (inactive) in the human body and may produce several bouts of reinfection as a result of viral reactivation. Classic symptoms are genital itching, soreness, inflammation and redness, as well as formation of bumps and blisters in your genital area. Sometimes genital herpes doesn’t produce any sign or symptoms.


Intertrigo dermatitis generally develops on the skinfolds. It is stimulated due to persistent exposure to heat, moisture, sweating, friction and poor air circulation due to which bacterial overgrowth may occur. The common areas exposed to this condition are, armpit, genital areas, lower side of breast etc. Symptoms include redness, foul smell, crusty and flaky skin etc.


Genital warts are the result of HPV i.e. Human Papillomavirus. It is a sexually transmitted infection. Genital warts are small pulpy growths that emerges on the genital areas. It is the most frequently reported sexually transmitted infection that affects sexually active people. Genital warts are painful and may also cause extreme itching soreness and irritation. In most cases, HPV resolves spontaneously, but sometime types of HPV are risky and may aggravate the risk of developing certain cancers if not treated in a timely fashion. The less risky HPV usually develop warts on your genitals and are very common.


It is a common skin issue occurs that is the result of persistent wetness, physical contact with an uncomfortable cloth, continuous friction as part of certain sport activities and running. Extended scraping and rubbing leaves the skin with sting, redness and rashes. If the chafing is severe, it can also result in swelling, inflammation, oozing and crusting.


Crabs or public lice are small parasites that lives under pubic hair around your genitals and feed off your blood. Public lice are often a result of poor genital hygiene. Although public lice are not dangerous and you can easily get rid of them; they are easily transmittable during sexual intercourse. The symptoms include severe itching due to blood sucking. Their eggs are also easily seen on the public hair.


Contact dermatitis is allergic reaction to a particular product like some fabric, a new detergent, body wash or any soap. It is very uncomfortable and irritating. It develops red itchy rashes on skin. Symptoms include dry scaly skin; crusting oozing, swelling, discharge etc. Sometimes itching is really severe and makes scrotal regain extremely sensitive.


How to treat and reduce testicular itch?

You can avoid testicular itch and diseases related to that by taking just few steps. These includes

If you find that symptoms are persistent and not reducing with time then you should consult your physician.

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