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Treating Prostate Cancer with Radiotherapy

Treating Prostate Cancer with Radiotherapy

Treating Prostate Cancer with Radiotherapy

Prostate cancer refers to uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the prostate gland. Prostate gland is male reproductive organ that is anatomically located just below the bladder and helps in the production of semen that carries and transport the sperms into the female genital tract.


Radiotherapy is a form of therapy that can treat malignant cancers. In this technique, high frequency rays or radiations are used both externally and internally to destroy the cancer cells or/and to treat similar diseases. Radiation therapy helps to prevent the growth and dispersion of cancer cells.

Treating Prostate cancer with Radiotherapy:

Radiation therapy is employed as a reliable treatment modality to treat cancer patients. Following types of radiation therapies are available to treat prostate cancer patients:

What are the side effects of radiation therapy?

Along with several benefits, the radiation therapy is also associated with a variety of side effects. Some are as follows:

The after effects of radiation therapy may last for months or even years. If one radioactive therapy fails to treat the cancer, other agents can be used. Sometimes the chemotherapy and radiotherapy are given together to the patients for better results.  Surgery can also be performed, but only when necessary.

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