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Testosterone Nasal Gel – What Should You Know About It?

Testosterone Nasal Gel – What Should You Know About It? image

Testosterone Nasal Gel – What Should You Know About It?

The synthetic formulations of testosterone can be delivered via a number of mechanisms; one of which is intranasal route and use of nasal gel. The ideal candidates for testosterone gel are; hypogonadal men with sub-normal levels of testosterone who are also experiencing symptoms such as poor libido, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, poor muscle mass, excessive and unexplained fatigue, etc.

Are There Any Benefits Of Testosterone Nasal Gels?

There are several benefits of consuming testosterone via nasal route; such as:

Are There Any Drawbacks Or Contraindications Of Testosterone Nasal Gel?

There are some drawbacks of using testosterone in the nasal gel form. For example, men who have anatomical or physiological defects of nose or those who suffer from nasal issues may experience difficulty in using testosterone nasal gels. The contraindications include:

Other undesired effects of testosterone gels are:

Is Testosterone Nasal Gel Easily Available In The Market?

Currently, there is only one FDA approved testosterone nasal gel formulation, which is sold under the brand name ‘Natesto’. The dosing frequency or regimen may vary from person to person, but generally nasal gels should be consumed at least thrice a day (6-8 hours apart) for best results and consistent testosterone levels. The formulation is available in the form of a dose-mastered device that delivers 5.5mg of testosterone with one actuation (thereby making 11mg per dose for two nostrils). If used by this regimen, the total dose per day consumed is 33mg.

Based on the results of Phase III clinical trials that were conducted for the final approval of Natesto, investigators discovered that normal/desired serum testosterone levels were achieved in more than 90% subjects when the gel was used thrice a day (morning, afternoon and evening). On the contrary, when gel was applied twice a day, only 71% men achieved desired plasma levels.

Speak to your doctor to learn if testosterone nasal gels are appropriate for you.


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