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Testicular Surgery | What Should You Know About It

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Testicular Surgery | What Should You Know About It

Testicular surgery is indicated for a number of ailments. This include correction of congenital or anatomical deformities as well as excision/ removal of diseased tissue. Some common indications of testicular surgery are (1):

The key goal of these traditional surgeries is to remove the diseased element and restore normal functions of the tissue.

Complications Of Testicular Surgery

The nature and severity of complications depends largely on the indications of surgery, experience of surgeon and nature of procedure employed. If optimal caution is maintained; the risk of complications can be largely reduced. If surgery is performed for indications like malignancy or tumor, the risk of complications increases significantly.

Procedure Related Complications

Testicular surgery is a major procedure that is performed ideally under general anesthesia. Some common procedure related complications include:

Delayed Complications

What To Expect After The Surgery?

Depending upon the nature of surgery performed, indications of procedure and other related factors, outcome may vary. It is very important to keep up with the post-procedure follow-ups with your healthcare professional. For example:


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