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Sexuality and Spirituality

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Sexuality and Spirituality

When we talk about spirituality, we immediately feel that we are talking about something sacred, something that would bring us closer to our Creator. But the moment, we talk about sex, there is a sense of shame and guilt. We tend to believe that sex is a carnal pleasure associated with something evil. But are we correct when we associate sex with something bad?


Spirituality and Sexuality are Interlinked

According to experts, both sexuality and spirituality are things that are very personal and connected to how we perceive life in general. Spirituality is associated with feelings of love, compassion and care and so is sexuality. So how can the two be so different? One should blame our patriarchal culture which has defiled our view towards sexuality. After all, we all have come to this world through a sexual act. The moment we realize that we were born when two individuals had feelings of love and compassion towards each other, we will begin to understand that spirituality and sexuality are both interlinked.


Remove Spirituality From Sexuality and it Becomes a Vice

It is only when a person shares an intimate loving relationship with his partner that he is able to understand the true meaning of spiritual fulfillment. When love is removed from sex, it becomes an empty experience with no spiritual connect. It is then that it becomes a vice and should be associated with shame and guilt.


Intimacy is Enhanced When Combined With Spirituality

According to Dr. Elist, a relationship is doomed if the two partners do not share any spiritual connect. The vice-versa is also true. An intimate relationship can be further enhanced with the help of spirituality. If the two partners share similar spiritual beliefs, the emotional connect is much more. When they participate together in religious ceremonies, prayer services and other spiritual acts, their bonding becomes stronger. This, in turn, increases the comfort level between the two and results in a more intimate relationship. When there is a spiritual connect, the sexuality between the two is far more tender. The sexual act becomes a means of giving happiness to the partner rather than satisfying one’s own primal needs. When the spiritual practices of a couple are in sync, their physical union becomes magical and gives a sense of being one with the Universe.


The Qigong Perspective of Sexuality and Spirituality

According to Qigong, a Chinese health care system, it is wrong to believe that sexuality and spirituality are adverse in nature. In fact, sexual energy is an important pillar of happiness. If one aspires to find happiness in a relationship, he has to get rid of the distortions about sexuality that have been created by the society.

As per Qigong, there is a basic mismatch between the sexual energies of males and females. While the sexual energy in males localizes around the genitals and flows out of the body with ejaculation, in women this energy arises from the genitals and flows towards the heart. It persists for a longer time and is associated with emotions. Through spiritual practice, the sexual energies of men and women can be integrated to reach higher levels. Couples can learn to direct this energy towards their heart, and from there to their head, where it infuses with a higher power and becomes sacred.


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