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Saw Palmetto for your Libido

Saw Palmetto for your Libido (1)

Saw Palmetto for your Libido

Saw Palmetto is a naturally occurring herb or berry that is derived from the drupe of saw palmetto plant. This plant is native to southeastern US. Research indicates that saw palmetto is rich in high quality fatty acids and sterols that can help in boosting health.

Saw palmetto can be obtained via tinctures or capsules or you can consume the berry in its raw form.

What are some health benefits of Saw Palmetto?

There are several health benefits of Saw palmetto; the key benefits are listed below:

Other health benefits of Saw Palmetto are:

It is highly recommended not to initiate the Saw Palmetto use without consulting with your primary care provider. Saw Palmetto is an herb and is therefore not a treatment or drug of choice for serious medical or health issues. Saw Palmetto may also cross-react with certain drugs (such as blood thinners) and should therefore be consumed with caution if you take other pharmacological preparations for a certain indication.

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