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Prevention of STDs

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Prevention of STDs

A sexually transmitted disease can be defined as an infection that is transmitted during sexual contact with a person who is suffering from the infection. These diseases can also be transmitted by touching (skin-to-skin contact). Sexually transmitted diseases can prove fatal for a person. In the United States, STDs are the most contagious form of infection after cold and flu. Some STDs can be treated and cured but others cannot be. Quite a numbers of STDs do not have any symptoms. However, your health can be seriously compromised if you have a sexually transmitted disease.


STDs are typically caused by viral and bacterial infections. STDs that are caused by bacteria can be treated by the use of antibiotics. However, STDs that are caused by viruses cannot be completely cured though their symptoms can be alleviated.


Steps for Preventing STDs

A large majority of the STDs can be prevented if people make judicious decisions about their sexual health. You can reduce your chances of getting STDs by adopting the following practices:




It is very important to openly discuss about each other’s history with STD. Since a number of STDs do not have any symptoms, therefore it is all the more important to get yourselves tested for any STDs.



After having sex, you must always wash with soap and water to remove any form of infection from your skin.






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