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Post Sex Depression

Post Sex Depression

Post Sex Depression

The sex is considered as an antidepressant and pleasurable exercise generally. Most of the people feel happy, relaxed and absolutely wonderful after sex. But did you ever hear that someone feel depressed and unhappy after sex??? Yes, although surprising but it is true. At times we feel that there is something wrong; something is missing, like it shouldn’t have happened after sex.

It is absolutely normal to be upset and depressed after unsatisfactory sex however, what if you get upset after pleasurable and passionate sex??

What is post sex depression?

Some people experience unexplained sadness, discomfort, tearfulness, anxiety or agitation after engaging in sexual activity with their partner. Medical term used for such scenarios is post coital emotions or post coital dysphoria.

According to a new research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, around 46% of the females experience such type of feelings after pleasurable sexual contact at least once in their life. Research team also identified that about 5.4% subjects experience the periodic occurrence of post coital emotions. Another research conducted by Australian researchers stated that post sex depression affects almost 10% women in the world.


Men and women, both may experience this issue (transient or persistent issue) in their life at some point. Women expresses their feeling of distress and grief after sex however men may feel anger, frustration and poor interest towards their sex partner after sexual encounters.  Usually the people who suffer from post coital emotions experience following symptoms:


The exact medical cause of post coital emotion is still not known however it is believed that there are some physiological and emotional factors that may affect people’s behavior.

Researchers from Queensland Institute of Technology stated that the negative emotions and feeling after sex doesn’t necessarily indicate that you are dissatisfied from sex. It may however indicate some hormonal disturbances after orgasm along with several other factors.  Some of these factors include:

Schweitzer believes that sometimes women feel reluctance in surrendering themselves while having sexual intercourse also makes them depressed.

Some Brazilian researchers believe that men are usually involved in short term relationship however women got more emotionally attached after sex with one partner for only one night. This one-night stand and short-term relationships can also make her depressed. However, Schweitzer believes that this can also happen in long term healthy relationship.

How to manage post coital emotions?

Negative post coital emotions often make you think that there is something wrong with you that makes you even more depressed and guilty however, this feeling is quite normal and many women experience this issue so, you don’t need to worry there is nothing wrong with you or your relationship.

If you feel negative post coital emotions after a complete satisfying sex then you should explore what is bothering you and making you uncomfortable. Counseling and some relaxation therapies like meditation and yoga also helps you a lot.  You should discuss the issue with your partner rather than ignoring it because it might impact your relationship in the long run.

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