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There is No Such Pill for Penis Enlargement

There is No Such Pill for Penis Enlargement image

There is No Such Pill for Penis Enlargement


Men are obsessed with the size of their organ and it is no myth. The number of advertisements for penis-enlargement products is a moot testimony to this obsession. There are pills, exercises, weights, surgeries, all competing with one another to increase the size of men’s penises. And if these sites are mushrooming, it is simply because there is no dearth of customers.

But are all these techniques that are advertised really effective?

Normal size of a man’s penis

Most men think that their penis is too small to satisfy their partners adequately. They feel that the size of the penis is the single most important factor for having pleasurable sex. When they go around seeing these advertisements, they tend to develop insecurities about their own penis. However, studies have shown that the size of the penis is not an important factor during sex. Men with a small size penis may enjoy the act with their partners while men who are relatively better endowed may be bereft of this satisfaction. Pleasure during sex is more to do with the emotional aspect than the physical one.

But still, let us bust some myths about the ‘adequate size’ of penis. According to the doctors:

Efficacy of penis enlarging pills and other techniques

Some of the commonly promoted methods of enlarging the size of the penis include pills and lotions, vacuum pumps, stretchers, exercises and surgeries. Let us look into their efficacies.

Doctors around the world are of the view that there is no such pill for penis enlargement. Other methods of enlarging the penis are also ineffective. One must learn to be satisfied with whatever one has got and focus his energies in improving the emotional relationship with one’s partner. Therein lays the true pleasure of sex.





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