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Natural Remedies for Hypersexuality

Natural Remedies for Hypersexuality

Natural Remedies for Hypersexuality

Sex is considered pleasing, therapeutic and fun exercise for most individuals. Everyone have some sort of sexual fantasies, aspiration and desires which is absolutely normal. But sometimes these desire and fantasies become obsessions and impulsions that keeps you fixated on just sex. Needless to say, that hypersexuality may lead to a variety of social, emotional and health related issues that can adversely impact your daily life. Just like an alcoholic craves for alcohol, hypersexual adults crave for sex.

What is hypersexuality?

Hypersexuality i.e. addiction of sex or compulsive sexual behavior is clinically defined as an excessive obsession to engage in sexual activities, sexual fantasies, extreme libido, too much dependence on pornography, excessive masturbation and uncontrolled desire to indulge in sex with single/ multiple partners.

The person who has compulsive sexual behavior may involve in a variety of sexual experiences to satisfy his/her urge such as masturbation, sexual interactions with multiple sexual partner, pornography, web sex etc.  In fact, the mind of hypersexual individuals becomes so much occupied with the thought of sex that are always looking for excuses to fulfill their uncontrollable desires. In poorly managed cases, this may ultimately impact their physical and mental health, social life, job and other aspects of their life. Both male and female can suffer from this condition.

Some potential risk factors associated with Hypersexuality:

There could be several reasons that can translate into abnormal compulsive sexual fantasies and behaviors such as an emotional or physical trauma, a mental illness, depression, stress, obsessive compulsive disorders or other personality disorders such as mania, bipolar disorder. In some cases, injury to head or other traumatic incidents can also make you hypersexual due to injury to areas of brain that controls sexual desires.

Besides this there are also some drugs and medicines that can lead to hypersexuality such as dopamine replacement therapy. A lot of people experience heightened sexual appetite with marijuana as well.

Symptoms of Hypersexuality:

Following are some classic symptoms of hypersexuality such as

What are natural remedies for hypersexuality management?

There are some natural remedies to control the symptoms of hypersexuality.

Natural Herbs:

It is an herb that is used to inhibit sexual desires and libido. Other Anaphrodisiacs that are currently available in the market are; heracleum, coriander, licorice and chasteberry etc.

It is a herb that is used for the treatment of sexual addiction in both men and women.

Mainly it is used to treat enlarged prostate glands in males but is also helpful in reducing the intensity of sexual desires.

Dopamine is neurotransmitter that sends signals to other cells and control the functions and behavior in the brain. There are various herbs like Brahma, Ashwagandha etc. that helps in relaxing your nervous system and relieving stress and anxiety.


Psychotherapy which is also known as talk therapy is also helpful in reducing hypersexuality symptoms. Some types of psychotherapy include:

It helps to change your negative thinking and unproductive beliefs or negative behaviors to positive actions. You will learn different tactics and strategies to control your negative feelings and desires.

It helps you to give acceptance to your thoughts and desires and makes you committed to stick to your values and avoid these thoughts.

It helps in enhancing your responsiveness to unconscious behaviors and attitudes to change your approach to resolve issues.

Increasing your self-control:

Try to avoid all the triggers that leads to sexual fantasies or behaviors such as erotic scenes of movie, popup advertisements, porn etc.

Whenever you feel an uncontrollable desire or thought to engage in risky sexual behaviors or activities, use interventional strategies to divert your mind. Make yourself busy, call someone, start exercising or engage in other fun activities

If you think hypersexuality is becoming a problem for you and is distracting you from things and people that matter more, speak to your doctor and seek treatment.

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