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Natural Foods for Penile and Erectile Tissue

Natural Foods and Penile Tissue

Natural Foods for Penile and Erectile Tissue

Many believe there are certain foods, called aphrodisiacs, that are sexually exciting for men and women. The history of aphrodisiacs comes from Greek mythology; however, particular foods have been medically proven to increase sexual arousal in the penis and vaginal labia majora, labia minora, and clitoris. So what are these natural foods for the erectile tissue?


Similar to many available erectile dysfunction medications, watermelon contains small amounts of Citrulline. This substance increases blood flow to the parts of the body stimulated by sexual arousal, such as erectile tissues.

Gingko Biloba

This extract increases blood circulation in the body, which aids blood flow to the erectile tissues necessary for sexual arousal. Specifically, women experience an increase in vaginal arousal and pleasure, while for men it improves the quality of their erections and stamina. Moreover, Gingko has been used as a home remedy herbal supplement for many years.

Chocolates and Berries

While they have not been medically proven to stimulate greater sexual arousal, chocolates and berries have had sensual connotations. These are often implemented as psychological aphrodisiacs for partners. Berries, particularly strawberries and cherries, have been seen as very sexual foods. Given their smooth and sweet nature, chocolates and whipped cream are also associated as ‘sexually-charged foods.’

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