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Libido Booster Foods for Men

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Libido Booster Foods for Men

Need something to help you get in the mood? Some foods can actually increase your libido. Studies show that decreased testosterone impacts a man’s sex drive as he ages. A good diet is essential to libido and a healthy sex life. Eating poorly can cause inflammation and sluggishness. High cholesterol levels build up in the arteries and constricts blood flow – leading to less sensation in the genitals and difficulty reaching orgasm. In general, cutting down on sugars, fats, and whole-milk products can help cholesterol levels. In addition, certain foods give you an extra boost in your libido:

While these foods can certainly help your libido, a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and a feeling of closeness with your partner are essential for a healthy sex drive. If you’re feeling like your libido needs more than just a new snack, talk to a doctor. Medications or stress may be negatively affecting how often or intensely you’re feeling up for sex.

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