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Laptop Use And Male Infertility

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Laptop Use And Male Infertility

Laptop computers has added so much convenience and comfort in the life of workaholics. Just imagine, with a laptop computer, you can work anywhere, anytime; without having to worry about wires, or actually having to move a heavy station (and all other factors that limits the mobility of a typical desktop computer user). However, advancement in the technology has also introduced you and your loved ones to a number of hazards; for example, damage to reproductive machinery due to radiations released by notebook computer.

What Is The Pathophysiology Of Male Infertility In laptop Users?

If your laptop is placed on a table or stand, the risk of damage to your reproductive machinery is little. Unfortunately, individuals who place laptops on their laps or in close proximity to the pelvic region, the effects are mostly damaging.

According to a new study conducted on 29 young males, investigators discovered that after one hour of laptop use, scrotal temperature rose by up to 2.5 degree Celsius in men who placed the portable computer on their laps (with both legs bonded together and without any insulator surface to ward off heat). Investigators observed that the scrotal temperature increases by 1 degree Celsius with the laptop use of just 11 minutes. Although, slightly modifying the sitting position and posture (such as keeping the legs apart by 70 degrees or placing a laptop pad between legs and laptop) can help in delaying the scrotal heating, but eventually, high temperature catches up if posture is not changed. For example, in this experiment, scrotal temperature increases by 1 degree Celsius in (1):

It is no brainer that persistent exposure to high temperatures can cause serious damage to the testicles and sperms.

How Laptop Use Is Roasting Your Sperms?

According to Yelim Sheynkin, the renowned urologist at the State University of New York (Stony Brook), the temperature of scrotum rises above the safety levels, just after 10 to 15 minutes of laptop computing. He also suggested that laptop computing alone doesn’t induce infertility but excessive use for longer periods of time can make you more vulnerable to experience fertility issues.

What Can Be Done To Minimize The Risk Of Infertility In Chronic Laptop Users?

It is highly recommended to limit the laptop use unless absolutely necessary. In addition, following interventions can be adopted to limit the damage:


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