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How Steroid Use Leads to Sagging of Scrotum?

How Steroid Use Leads to Sagging of Scrotum?

How Steroid Use Leads to Sagging of Scrotum?

Scrotum and its function:

The skin sac or pouch that is present along the undersurface of penile shaft is known as scrotum. The scrotum houses testicles which are responsible for sperm production in males. It also produces several male sex hormones such as testosterone that plays a major role in the maintenance of primary as well as secondary sexual characteristics. Scrotal sac is anatomically located along the body wall (and not inside the body) in order maintain a lower temperature, suitable for optimal sperm production.

Impact of steroids on scrotum and testicles:

Use of anabolic steroid is very common among athletes, bodybuilders and sportsmen these days. In fact, according to latest statistics, about 300 million men in America are chronic steroid users.  But unfortunately, a lot of male have no idea that unnecessary and excessive use of steroids can lead to variety of complications such as empty sac, shrinking of balls and low serum testosterone levels due to feedback regulation.

Steroids also negatively impact luteinizing hormone levels that regulates the functions of testicles.

Testicular atrophy:

The shrinkage of testicles also causes testicular atrophy. It has been observed that men who use steroids, experience suppression of endogenous production of testosterone and estrogen. After stopping the steroids, estrogen level returns to normal levels and at times even exceed normal production. The spike of estrogen leads to testosterone atrophy.

Psychotic disorder:

According to a research published in the peer reviewed journal American Journal of Psychiatry, a variety of psychiatric disorders are reported among athletes and sports personnel who use steroids. This includes, depression, bipolar disorder and antisocial personality.

What are the causes of sagging of scrotum and shrinkage of testes?

It is believed that extreme use of steroid results in sagging of scrotum. This shrinkage relentlessly occurs after persistent use of steroid for some days or weeks and if proper action is not taken, the symptoms and complications worsen over time.

Here is what happens. Excessive steroid abuse results in shrinkage of testicles which makes your scrotum feel empty and tight. The shrinkage of scrotum results in the ascent of balls on the upper side. Particularly during winter season, the scrotum completely wraps along the penis (also known as grape stage as testicles resemble grape in orientation).

Is it possible To Regain the Scrotal Shape and Size?

A person who has vigorously used steroids always finds it difficult to regain their actual scrotal size even after 5-15 years of stopping steroid therapy.

It is difficult to tell how long these symptoms may disappear.

Ways to reduce steroid impact and regain normal scrotal shape:

The post cycle therapy:

The post cycle therapy can help in reducing the harmful after effects of steroid therapy. In post cycle therapy, healthcare providers advice different nutrients, drugs and compounds to manage reactionary high estrogen levels to restore optimal hormonal balance.

Different agents like Clomid, HCG and Nolva:

There are some drugs like Clomid, HCG or Nolva that can help in restoring normal testosterone levels.These drugs can be injected or consumed orally.

Although PCT and other drugs can help in reducing the after effects on testes and LH hormone levels, it is difficult to get things back in order. In fact, even with restoration of normal shape and size of scrotum, people with chronic steroid therapy may experience following side effects:

It is better to be aware of all the possible outcomes and complications prior to staring the steroid use for any indication. It is highly recommended to avoid anabolic steroids just to gain muscle mass or temporary endurance as the benefits are temporary and side effects are serious.

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